The Controversial Mrs. Warren’s Profession at the Chemainus Theatre

Thought-provoking and surprisingly relevant, the scandelous “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” will draw you in and pull at your heart strings.

The Chemainus Theatre provides many things.

It gives us laughter and tears. We can sing along with the musicals and guess “who dun it?” with a good mystery. But the theatre also offers a space to bring to light issues we may have difficulty discussing.

Over 100 years ago George Bernard Shaw wrote “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” and it’s as relevant today as it was those many years ago.

What is the value of a woman?

What would you do to get out of poverty?

To what lengths would you go to create a better life for your children? These questions and more are asked in “Mrs. Warren’s Profession.” With a cast of only 5 actors, this story rich in dialogue and complex relationships forces the audience to find themselves somewhere in the story and answer some of those difficult questions for themselves.

A successful business woman barely known by her adult daughter, Mrs. Warren wants a normal and friendly mother/daughter bond. But the two are worlds apart in their thinking, their values and interests, and their personalities.

As they spend a few days together and understand one another a bit better, there is hope for a healthy relationship. Caught between values and morality, these women work hard to find their place in the world.

Each character perfectly contributes to the story. As an audience member I struggled knowing how I would respond given the circumstances everyone finds themselves in.

Julien Galipeau as Frank Gardner and Erin Ormond as Mrs. Kitty Warren in Chemainus Theatre Festival’s production of Mrs. Warren’s Profession (Don Bodger photo)

Thought-provoking and surprisingly relevant, “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” will elevate your conversation on the ride home.

But don’t just take my word for it, experience it for yourself.

When you book your tickets, be sure to add a dinner at The Playbill Dining Room before the show.

Chemainus Theatre Playbill

With ever-changing menus, you will love the selection. For “Mrs. Warren’s Profession” we dined on Friday night and enjoyed Table d’hôte with a great selection of salads, entrees and delectable desserts.

The panko breaded ling cod with mint pea puree was absolutely perfect. Mint pea puree? Yes. It’s fantastic. However, if you can’t enjoy the Friday night dinner, don’t worry because all the food in The Playbill is wonderful.

But don’t just stop at dinner, make a whole theatre getaway package out of it and stay the night at the Best Western Plus Chemainus Inn. Even if you live in the area, staying a night at the hotel makes for an even more memorable experience.

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