The Magic Of Christmas At The Chemainus Theatre

The Magic. Nostalgia. Tradition. Joy. Christmas is here! Chemainus Theatre’s “Miracle On 34th Street” is a guaranteed heart warmer for everyone.

It happens every year. The magic. Nostalgia. Tradition. Joy. Christmas is here! 

I just had the best dinner out with my family. We have never laughed so much together while at a restaurant. We just experienced a night out to The Chemainus Theatre this season for “Miracle On 34th Street.”

Fresh roast beef makes for the perfect Christmas dinner.

Part of the fun is my kids are at an age where they seem to finally be able to behave appropriately at a restaurant. The other part is simply that eating out is still quite special in my family. It’s a wonderful way to experience the theatre.

Enjoy a delicious Christmas meal followed by the entertainment of the stage version of “Miracle on 34th Street.” See the latest Chemainus Theatre Playbill menu. 

If you’re anything like me, you watch and re-watch all your favourite Christmas movies, sing along with the music you’ve been listening to since you were young, and you know where all your special decorations get carefully placed in your home. Christmas is just special every way you look at it. The Chemainus Theatre brings all that special magic to the season every year. And this year is no exception.

Miracle on 34th Street is every bit as wonderful as you imagine it to be.

Miracle on 34th Street. Chemainus Theatre Festival. 2019. Julianna Toft and Hal Kerbes. Photo: Cim MacDonald
Miracle on 34th Street. Chemainus Theatre Festival. 2019. The cast of Miracle on 34th Street. Photo: Cim MacDonald

Santa is perfectly round, rosy-cheeked, and “ho, ho, ho”-ing throughout the entire show. I mean, how does a person “ho ho ho” that much? I suppose he must be Santa. And as delightful as Santa is, he is completely equaled in perfection in the character of young Susan.

If you’re unfamiliar with this story, the scene opens with the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Our beloved Kris Kringle replaces a heavily intoxicated Santa in the parade and is then hired for the season by Macy’s Department Store. Mr. Kringle’s boss happens to be Susan’s mother and a sweet friendship quickly develops between them.

Susan is a realist and believes Santa to be a kind, old man…nothing more. So Santa charges himself with the task of making this child a believer. No story is without its share of trouble and before anyone realizes it, Santa finds himself on trial for his sanity.

Can a miracle happen in time for Christmas? 

Miracle on 34th Street. Chemainus Theatre Festival. 2019. Abraham Asto, Julianna Toft and Michelle Morris. Photo: Cim MacDonald

It’s a sweet story, excellently cast and delivered to the Chemainus stage. This play is just the right blend of humour and tenderness and will leave you ready to celebrate with your loved ones.

Don’t miss this show. Add it to your traditions this year and make the Christmas season more memorable.

Don’t forget to book a lunch or dinner at The Playbill before your show. The delicious and relaxing meal pairs perfectly with a show. And if your family is anything like mine, your kids will eat a great dinner so they can attack the dessert table.

I’m continually amazed how well my kids eat when they know they can choose between sticky toffee pudding, Nanaimo bars, cream puffs and a chocolate fountain! 

Reserve your Chemainus Theatre Christmas evening soon before “Miracle of 34th Street” is sold out. I just checked ticket availability and you need to reserve your seats ASAP if you want to go as there s very little availability left. That goes for the Chemainus Theatre playbill restaurant too.

It’s easy to see why the Chemainus Theatre is one of the best Vancouver Island Christmas traditions around.

Enjoying the chocolate foundation a little too much 🙂
I just pointed out to my daughter that this is what my TV looked like growing up 😉 Be sure to visit the gift store at intermission or take a stroll through after dinner.