‘The Sound of Music’ Is Just What You Need

The hills are alive at the Chemainus Theatre with ‘The Sound Of Music’! Chills went down my spine as I sat in reverent awe listening to the most beautiful music.

It’s simply wonderful in every way.

I think it’s only right to inform you at the outset of this article that I grew up watching “The Sound Of Music” every Christmas with my family. I loved it so much that when my high school chose this musical, I auditioned and participated as a nun. My love for “The Sound of Music” only grew from there. I now watch it anytime because I own the movie. My children and I sing along to all the songs when we play the soundtrack on a road trip.

It’s for these reasons I was elated when I saw “The Sound of Music” on the schedule at The Chemainus Theatre. I knew the whole family had to go.

Tickets are selling fast, and it’s no surprise why.

With superb acting, a fantastic story, and familiar melodies, I was not disappointed.

The curtain opens with the gorgeous chants of nuns walking around the abbey in tight harmony, perfectly blended together. Chills went down my spine and the lady next to me even let out a sigh of reverent awe in agreement.

And from there, as the story unfolded, the wonder, the beauty and the delight of the Von Trapps loving a simple and vivacious wanna-be nun all came alive.

The Sound of Music. Chemainus Theatre Festival. 2019. The cast of The Sound of Music. Photo: Cim MacDonald.
The Sound of Music. Chemainus Theatre Festival. 2019. Stephanie Roth and Julia Ullrich. Photo: Cim MacDonald.

It seems every single show at the Chemainus Theatre is filled with exceptional talent. The set design, lighting, costumes and of course the actors themselves deliver fantastic professional productions. “The Sound of Music” brought nostalgia and joy through songs like The Lonely Goatherd (no marionettes, but the laughter and dancing is delightful), Do-Re-Mi (the Von Trapp children learn to sing), and of course How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? (Every nun’s favourite).

If you’re familiar with the movie, you’ll be fighting back the urge to sing along.

Or maybe you will be like me and my youngest and stop fighting and just sing right along with the actors. It’s such a fun play! And our very own local children’s talent shines brightly as the Van Trapp children sing and dance their way across the stage and into your hearts. (You should, however, stay quiet during Climb Every Mountain. Listen to the Mother Superior sing it alone.

This is an experience in itself.)

I am continually impressed with how the actors themselves provide the instrumental background to all the songs. Uncle Max, the nuns, the baroness and even some children rotate through many instruments. It’s not only a creative use of characters, but provides additional layers of talent to the show.

If you are still waiting to get your Chemainus Theatre tickets, DON’T! “The Sound of Music”, though a classic, is only in Chemainus for a few more weeks. And if you’re one of the lucky few to get a table before the show in the Playbill Dining Room, your experience will be even more enjoyable. The food is always delicious with a wide assortment of options.

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