Chemainus Theatre Deliveries A Delightful Comedy: ‘The Financée’

Come get a dose of laughter and delight at Chemainus Theatre with their production of ‘The Fiancée’! You’ll enjoy it from start to finish.

It feels good to laugh, doesn’t it?

To belt out a good chuckle and guffaw every now and then does wonders for the body.

We definitely enjoyed some of those health benefits of a good laugh the other night when we visited the Chemainus Theatre and enjoyed “The Fiancée”. This humorous story follows Lucy, a sweet young woman who can’t seem to say “no” to anyone.

Have you ever had that problem? Poor refusal skills?

Chemainus Theatre The Fiancee
Miffed response from Rose (Rebbekah Ogden), right, greets sister Lucy (Jasmine Case) in The Fiancée. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Apparently it’s something I still struggle with. In fact, about 5 minutes into the show, my dear husband leaned over to me and said, “She reminds me of you. This is totally something you would do.” I just laughed because I knew he was right.

If I was in the same situation as Lucy, I too, would have too many things purchased from a door-to-door salesman.

Chemainus Theatre The Fiancee
An animated Rose (Rebbekah Ogden) addresses concerns to cake-making Lucy (Jasmine Case) in The Fiancee. (Photo by Don Bodger)

As hard as she tries, Lucy just doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Not a sister, a landlord, or salesman. And certainly not three soldiers heading off to war who each profess their love for her. Poor Lucy. She just can’t say “no”.

Our story takes place in one single day. A day when all the soldiers return home and Lucy and her sister Rose gain a new landlord. This sets off quite the humorous debacle that kept us not only laughing, but also guessing as to how Lucy would get out of the sticky mess she put herself in.

Chemainus Theatre The Fiancee

Scene after scene the hilarity continued to build. Even when intermission came, I had no idea how or even if, all the complexities of situations were going to resolve.

You know, much of good humour comes with impeccable timing. And “The Fiancée” did not disappoint. The entire cast delivers superbly. Line by line, this mad cap, door-slamming farce is simply not to be missed. Your body will thank you for all the health benefits your laughter brings.

Date night is perfect with a shared meal at The Playbill Dining Room before the show.

Playbill Chemainus Theatre
Wednesday night Playbill dessert buffet includes: House-made Cheesecake of the Day, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, Profiteroles, Selection of Squares, Warm Apple Crisp served with Chantilly Cream. Profiteroles

As soon as you walk into the Chemainus Theatre the first thing you’ll hear is the sound of the piano from the Playbill dining room. I love that sound. It instantly relaxes me, brings a smile to my face, and removes the worries of the day. I think it has something to do with recalling so many past wonderful Chemainus Theatre date night memories.

We enjoyed the Wednesday night classic buffet that included carved corned beef brisket and our favourite lemon meringue pie along with many other sweet and savoury desserts to choose from.

We always recommend adding on dinner at the theatre before your show to take your experience to the next level. We like to book the earliest dinner slot available to soak in the evening and stretch it out as much as possible.

Ready for your Fall date night at the Chemainus Theatre? Visit the Chemainus Theatre Festival Website to get all the info and book your tickets.