Chemainus Theatre Delights with Classic Country Roads

Chemainus Theatre quickly transported us to a hootenanny! From the moment the country music started, my face was smiling and my foot was a tapping!

It’s back! I knew I missed it, but I didn’t realize just how much until I was sitting in my seat waiting for the curtain call of “Classic Country Roads”.

The stage design quickly transported us to a hootenanny somewhere in the South and from the moment the music started, my foot was a tapping. In fact, my foot didn’t stop for the rest of the night.

Chemainus Theatre has definitely figured out how to bring quality shows that everyone will love. No matter what your music affiliation, you will enjoy Classic Country Roads…yes, even if you’re not crazy about country music. The artistry and professionalism of all the musicians carries beautifully throughout the performance.

Chemainus Theatre, Playbill Restaurant

About two songs in, I turned to my daughter as she leaned over and exclaimed (in a whisper, of course) “I can’t stop smiling! This is so much fun.” I couldn’t help but agree.

With tight harmonies and a good ole “howdy” and y’all,” my daughter and I were delighted and nearly giddy. Classic Country Roads kept us smiling and yes, sometimes singing along to the early sounds of country music. It was the perfect mom and daughter date and just what we both needed.

This show took us back to the beginning, to the gospel starts with a twang and boom-chicka of the bass.  We received a history lesson of country music, but before you concern yourself with the details, rest assured, this was perhaps the most fun history lesson you may ever receive. 

Some songs gave us chills listening to melodic ballads while others brought laughter. I dare you to follow the story line of “I Am My Own Grandpa”. Maybe it will be a new hit. We sure enjoyed it. 

From the early days of gospel music all the way to modern day and even some Canadian favourites, we listened as the show progressed. When it was all over, we easily stood to our feet with the rest of the audience as we applauded this exceptional performance. It is incredibly hard to pick a favourite.

The accompanying band blew us away. With a slide guitar, mandolin, drums, bass, piano and a fiddler that simply astonished the entire audience, Chemainus Theatre definitely did not disappoint. 

It was a wonderful evening.

A mother/daughter outing that we are still talking about many days later.

Part of what made our evening so special included dinner in the Playbill Dining Room before our show started.

Everything here is done with excellence. If you have dined here before, you know the food is always incredible.

Several changes have been made since reopening, but you can be sure that the standards remain high. One time through the salad bar definitely wasn’t enough for us girls, so round two of the cilantro and chipotle sweet potato salad set us up perfectly for our main course.

Honey and garlic glazed sockeye salmon along with my daughter’s excellent choice of spinach and artichoke galette pampered our tastebuds.

The food is so good; the atmosphere with live music is relaxing and the dessert…incredibly tempting. Our eyes always are bigger than our stomachs!

Check out the latest menu

The Executive Chef has prepared an impressive menu with fresh seasonal salads, delicious starters, choice of three plated dinner meals and some delectable desserts!  Complement this array of culinary delights with a beverage from our specialty menu of wines, beers, and estate ciders. The perfect start to your Chemainus Theatre experience.

After a long two years, it’s fantastic having live theatre back at Chemainus Theatre. Classic Country Roads runs through the summer until August 21st.

So grab a special someone and your life and book your tickets for the show before they are all sold out. You won’t want to miss it.

It’ll warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.