Chemainus Theatre once again dazzles with Mamma Mia!

My my, how can I resist this? It’s a fun, lively, delightful story, and it’s only in Chemainus for a short time. Mamma Mia! is the perfect summer outing.

My my, how can I resist this? It’s a fun, lively, delightful story, and it’s only in Chemainus this summer.

I have come to realize that I look forward every summer to the show at The Chemainus Theatre. We’ve attended for several years now and each time I’m blown away by what I see on stage. Mamma Mia! in Chemainus was even better than I anticipated.

Mamma Mia! . Chemainus Theatre Festival. 2019. From left to right: Erin Ormond, Stephanie Roth, Jenni Burke. Photo: Cim MacDonald

Now, I’ve got to give you a little back story. A few months ago my family enjoyed a cruise where Mamma Mia! was performed on stage for a few of the nights.

We went with the excitement seeing this production on a cruise ship with a huge audience, talented cast, big budget, and Broadway-style stage. And while the performance was professional and high quality, the story was portrayed in a highly sexualized manner. Because of this, we found ourselves covering our children’s eyes for many of the choreographed dance scenes and costume changes. Needless to say, we chose to leave at intermission.

But thankfully, Chemainus Theatre came through once again. Within a few short minutes I remembered why I love this theatre. The intimate stage with high level professionalism both in cast and production crew elevates the experience, bringing you into the action up close and personal.

And Chemainus Theatre always works hard to ensure it’s productions can be consistently trusted so you know what to expect with each show.

Mamma Mia! is the story of Sophia, a young bride who wants to be walked down the isle by her father. But after reading her mother’s diary, Sophia learns her father is one of three potential men! She secretly invites all three of them to the wedding, hoping to learn who he is. Her mother is then forced to open the door to her past and face the men she loved and never saw again.

Mamma Mia!. Chemainus Theatre Festival. 2019.  Alex Gullason, Colin Sheen. Photo: Cim MacDonald

Now, this kind of storyline has the potential to bring much conflict, embarrassment and awkward moments. But instead, the love and richness of relationships is what shines through.

In fact, it’s downright delightful. And with music from ABBA, the music is fun too! Designed and choreographed perfectly, Mamma Mia! impressed and entertained all night long. This story kept me guessing which potential father I thought would be “the one.” And not only that, I couldn’t decide which one I was rooting for.

With sweet friendships guiding them, both mother and daughter navigate the confusion of their hearts.

And in the end, this lovely story brings resolve and joy.

Mamma Mia!. Chemainus Theatre Festival. 2019.From left to right: Vanessa Merenda, Alex Gullason, Ali Watson. Photo: Cim MacDonald

Mamma Mia! keeps a smile on your face and a lift in your heart. Don’t miss it at The Chemainus Theatre this summer. But reserve your ticket now as many shows have already sold out!

When you book your tickets, don’t forget to add in a meal at The Chemainus Theatre Playbill Dining Room. It’s always the perfect way to start off the evening at the theatre. And for Mamma Mia!, Friday nights feature table d’hôte with selections like perfectly grilled swordfish and prawns, beef stripling, and spinach, tomato, and feta stuffed chicken.

Jay enjoyed the delicious Beef Striploin with Herb & Garlic Butter – Lemon & Oregano Greek Potatoes, Roasted Summer Vegetables, Perfectly Paired With A Glass Of Enrico Cabernet Foch.

Gretta enjoyed the tasty Grilled Swordfish & Prawn Duo with Broken Tzatziki Sauce Lemon & Oregano Greek Potatoes, Roasted Summer Vegetables Paired With Enrico Red Dragon.

The food is always good, the wine excellent, the company even better, and the ambiance peaceful. And because the table is yours for the duration of dinner, you don’t need to hurry for the next people. In fact, your server will even remind you how much time is left until the show starts.