Come Aboard! “Jeeves At Sea” At The Chemainus Theatre

Laughter is good for the heart and it’s good for the soul. And right now, at The Chemainus Theatre, laughter is in ample supply with “Jeeves At Sea”.

Jeeves comes for the fourth time to Chemainus, but this time he’s with his employer, Bertie Wooster, on a yacht. And just as before, Jeeves does not disappoint.

Laughter is always a good idea. Always. It’s good for the heart and it’s good for the soul. And right now, at The Chemainus Theatre, laughter is in ample supply.

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If you’ve ever seen a “Jeeves” play, then you already know that this particular valet continually helps Wooster get out of sticky situations. Straight-laced and serious, Jeeves doesn’t get carried away on the emotional roller coaster that is the life of Bertie Wooster. Instead, he cleverly and hilariously helps Bertie problem solve whatever comes his way.

Bertie, on the other hand, is always full of crazy antics and this time is no different. He’s helping a friend hide from authorities, he’s working to secure the affections of his lady friend, and in the midst of it all, he somehow is caught up defending his own honour in a duel. All this and more kept us laughing the whole way through.

The set is simple yet effective. The costumes are uncomplicated. But as with any comedy, it’s the actors themselves who completely make or break the show. And let me tell you, this cast played off each other with impeccable timing and body language.

Of course I have my personal favourites who held my attention even when they weren’t speaking. Just watching Wooster and his friend Crumpet interact with one another was enough to keep the laughter rolling. In fact, even days later I’m still chuckling at how the story unfolded through the actor’s interpretations of their characters.

“Jeeves at Sea” provides great entertainment. It’s clean, witty, and just plain funny. The thing is, every time we go to The Chemainus Theatre, we are grateful for the decision.

Chemainus Theatre
Complete with a photo booth to remember your night! Don’t forget to take a memorable picture.

Yes, every time. It’s a fabulous way to spend time together. Dinner before the show in The Playbill Dining Room gives us ample time for conversation over amazingly good food. The chef knows just how to keep our tastebuds abundantly satisfied and the staff never makes us feel rushed. See the full Friday Night Menu.

That’s largely due to the fact that when we dine at The Playbill, our table is ours until the show starts. It’s relaxing and the perfect addition to a night out at the theatre. In fact Jay even declared, “I don’t think I could ever come to the Chemainus Theatre and not have dinner first. It wouldn’t be as special or relaxing”.

Chemainus Theatre

We enjoyed roasted chicken supreme stuffed with a truffled wild mushroom duxelle (sounds good, right?) along with the 6oz AAA sous-vide flat iron steak with bordelaise sauce. Friday nights at the Playbill means the main entree comes plated. The hardest decision is just figuring out which option to choose. No matter what your tastes, there is always something absolutely delicious.

Just make sure you save room for dessert. Sticky toffee pudding, lemon meringue pie, and even a very special gluten free/dairy free chocolate mousse perfectly capped off our meal.

Whether you dine on a night with plated entrees or enjoy the buffet option, The Playbill always serves a fantastic meal.

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