Gulf Islands

One of the unique things about the Gulf Islands is it doesn’t take very long to get here, but when you arrive by ferry or float plane it feels like you’ve completely escaped.

Immerse yourself into an island retreat that personifies tranquility. Each island has it’s own unique character and feel, but the one thing they all have in common is that time slows down here.

The Gulf Islands stretch along Vancouver Island’s eastern coastline from the city of Nanaimo down to Sidney in the South Island Region. There are about six larger islands that provide full-service vacation destinations and hundreds of smaller islands reserved for the kayaker, boater, and colonies of lazying around sea lions permanently on vacation.

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Don’t be fooled into thinking the slow pace means there’s nothing to do in the Gulf Islands.

Peruse the markets where buying local is highly valued, escape into an oceanfront spa for a day, explore the outdoors in a world class ocean kayaking destination, indulge in island cuisine as chefs choose only the freshest ingredients to tantalize your tastebuds, or hike to the island’s tallest point with jaw-dropping panoramic view of the region.

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