Travel Beach Umbrella That Fits In Your Suitcase!

The travel beach umbrella that packs into your suitcase, conveniently slings over your shoulder and set up in minutes providing instant shade anywhere you go.

Portabrella is our new found favourite travel beach umbrella of all time.

We were dreaming of long sunny beach days as part of our Mexican Riviera Carnival Cruise, but we had a problem. The Mexican sun is super hot!! And we knew with our kids we wouldn’t last long out in the open under the rays without some shade.

For one of our Mexican Riviera cruise shore excursions we wanted to save some money and go out on our own. That meant we would have to be completely self contained including our own shade. Sure, we could have gone to a resort area, took our chances and paid to sit under someone else’s umbrella. This time however, we had our sights set on an out-of-the-way beach in Cabo San Lucas far from the crowds.

It was perfect.

Just one problem.

No shade.

No way were we going to be that great white north Canadian family with snowy white skin stepping off the cruise ship in the morning and then by lunch looking lobster red.

Everyone knows beach umbrellas are big, long and often awkward to carry. No way could we bring ours on the plane with us.

What’s a beach-loving family like ours to do so far away from home?

At first it didn’t even cross my mind that we could bring our own beach umbrella with us on the plane. Who does that?

Well the answer to that question is the Traveling Islanders now do.

Thankfully we came across the Portabrella travel beach umbrella and it changed everything. Who would have ever thought you could pack a beach umbrella in your suitcase for a distant beach vacation?

I’m not kidding you.

The Portabrella folds down to just 24″ (60 cm) and including the poles it on only weighs 4 1/2 lbs. Not only that, it can grow to 7 ft. tall (219 cm). We are talking about a regular size beach umbrella that you can bring on the plane as a carry-on if you really wanted.

Thanks to our new found travel beach umbrella, our Cabo San Lucas beach day was perfect. We were the only ones on the whole beach with a shade umbrella that day and we couldn’t be happier.

Everyone wanted to know how we pulled this magical beach umbrella out of thin air and where to get one.

For our Traveling Islander friends were going to tell you, the answer is Portabrella.

The compact beach umbrella that packs right into your suitcase, conveniently slings over your shoulder and is set up in minutes providing instant shade anywhere you go.

You’ll never want another beach umbrella again whether you are traveling or staying close to home.

Disclaimer: We did receive a complimentary portabrella to try out for ourselves, however in no way was there any expectation to give a positive review. 

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