Beautiful British Columbia – A time-lapse film

There is just something so beautiful about BC! Enjoy this outstanding time-lapse film that captures the beauty so well. (Leftcoast Visuals)

The first time I experienced seeing beautiful British Columbia was at the age of 17. What an incredible adventure I was embarking on, both in a new stage of life, and getting to see BC for the very first time. Who would have known it would turn out to be the province that I would eventually work, live, play and raise a family in.

I traveled from Toronto all the way to Vancouver by train and got to see Canada up close and personal. Traveling by train is truly a unique way to see the country. I still remember vividly seeing the Canadian Rockies approaching and seeing the mountains, and I mean REAL mountains, for the very first time. They were something I had only seen in the movies up to that point, and I was awestruck by the grandeur. The snow-capped mountains, the wild-life, and the amazing majestic scenery for hours on end no matter where you looked.

I think all our Canadian provinces are beautiful in their own way, but there is just something so beautiful about BC. I think you will really enjoy this outstanding time-lapse video that does a great job at capturing the beauty of British Columbia. The film was made by a very talented friend and co-worker of mine, Levi Allen (Leftcoast Visuals) Enjoy!

This is what Levi had to say about his film:

“This is very much a story of exploration. Both in my personal journey into the art of filmmaking, but also the journey of where my life has brought me in these amazing mountains of British Columbia. This is a project that is very near and dear to my heart, not because it is technically perfect–in fact its far from it, but because of the blood sweat and tears that went into making it. The friendships and people I met along the way, and the learning process behind each and every shot. The physical and mental endurance it took to achieve each shot and finish the editing of the project grew my skills as a filmmaker but also my character as a person. I learned so much with this project but I think most importantly that it is not about how you start, but more important about how you finish.”

If you have difficulty playing – you can view the film directly on Leftcoast Visuals