A Family Who Plays Together Stays Together!

We love playing together as a family! While on our family vacation in Parksville, BC we hit up the local miniature golf and bumper boats!

Written By: Jay Kennedy, Traveling Islanders
Location: Vancouver Island, Parksville BC • Paradise Fun Park

While on our Vancouver Island vacation in Parksville, BC we decided to hit the local miniature golf and bumper boat fun park. Always a classic family outing.

I love that my kids are now old enough to do some of the same activities I remember loving as a child.

It’s funny the things you remember, isn’t it?

I still remember that last hole of our local miniature golf course… it was definitely a windmill and it always turned just at the wrong time to take my chances away for a free game!

I have a feeling my kids will remember the last hole of this course much more acutely. It has a glowing and loud booming pirate voice that yells back at you from a cave when you miss the hole.

While I had a seemingly friendly windmill to tangle with as a child, they have a pirate to contend with!

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We were very impressed with Parksville’s Paradise Fun Park. Both 18 hole courses were pristine with lots of creativity and fun to each hole.

We loved the variation of each hole, the landscape was well kept and we were often surrounded by some pretty elaborate themed structures. It adds a lot to the whole experience to play on such a manicured course.

It’s Bumper Boat Time! Ready… Aim… Squirt!

Paradise Fun Park, Parksville Bumper Boats, Family activities Parksville, Vancouver Island

This is the day I found out that my daughter Kaia has a pretty competitive spirit to her.

While Gretta, and I and the kids were patiently waiting our turn to enjoy a fun family bumper boat time. Kaia was carefully examining the trajectory of the squirt gun of each bumper boat… or more accurately, her “attack marine vessel”.

Once she was satisfied with her decision of which one had the most deadly shot, she jockeyed for position ahead of the boys in line. Of course we were all oblivious to her doing this until it was too late!

Parksville kids activities, Parksville Bumper Boats, Paradise Fun Park

ZIP!  Goes Kaia right to a the blue and purple boat. I of course pick a boat with my youngest according to his favourite colour… fatal mistake.

Let this be a lesson to you… never have colour as your primary reason for picking your bumper boat.

Kaia was annihilating us out there!

While everyone else’s squirt gun shot over everyone’s head with a gentle arc at close range… Kaia’s on the other hand got you right in the eye balls! I have never seen such a sinister smile on my daughter’s face until that day!

Paradise Fun Park, Parksville Bumper Boats, Parksville activities

A fun time was had by all of course… but I will confess at one point I may have seen both my boys in tears and Gretta sternly trying to reprimand Kaia from a distance while getting shot in the eye balls and directly in her mouth.

I’m sure we were quite the sight! Always an adventure with the Traveling Islanders!


Paradise Fun Park
375 W. Island Highway
Parksville, BC
Google Map Directions to Paradise Fun Park

Website: www.paradisefunpark.net

Cost for 18 hole Miniature Golf: Adult $8.15 / Child $6.00
Bumper Boats: Adult $6.15 / Child $5.50

While Paradise Fun Park is located by a busy highway, we hardly noticed because the water features drowned out any car noise nicely. Both 18 hole courses looked equally as fun. We enjoyed “Treasure Island” pirate theme this time around. The golf courses are advertised as “World Class Mini-Golf Courses”. It was definitely one of the best mini golf courses I have every been to!

While our families experience at Paradise Fun Park was complimentary, you can rest assured that our thoughts, opinions, and findings are our own as always.


  • Thank you very much for your very wonderful photos and comments on your trip to our facility recently. We appreciate your thoughts very much!! Happy travels., Susan & Joseph - Reply

    • We sure enjoyed ourselves, Susan. You have a fantastic facility there and we loved every minute...well, except maybe the for minute when I realized the extent of my daughter's competitive spirit. :) - Reply

  • For a person with a busy lifestyle, its important that you spend a quality time like this with the whole family! Nothing beats that for a stress reliever and the Paradise Fun Park is one good suggestion where could have fun like that. Thanks for sharing! - Reply

    • We're glad you enjoyed reading it, Vanessa. And yes, we can't agree with you more. Time together as the whole family is definitely important! - Reply

  • Ahhh the joys of crazy golf - As a family we would always play a round or two whenever there was a course available, I played either amazing or horrific - So inconsistent. I love themed crazy golf courses like this, it looks so much fun! Glad you had such a great time - Reply

    • Yes, Paul, I think every childhood should have memories of miniature golf. It's always great for all ages. One of our first non-date dates was at a similar golf course. Oh the memories. - Reply