Il Covo Trattoria – An Exquisite Victoria Neighbourhood Italian Restaurant

We just had a wonderful romantic Victoria date night! Il Covo Trattoria Italian restaurant offers up an authentic Italian dining experience with recipes straight from Italy!

Written By: Gretta Kennedy, Traveling Islanders
Location: Victoria • Vancouver Island • British Columbia • Canada

When Jay and I started dating 12 years ago, whenever we would go out to eat, we would choose one of the big chain restaurants from which to dine as we felt it was a safe option and we knew what to expect.

For most of these past 12 years, this has been true.

We didn’t feel too adventurous when it came to our pallet and were often scared of the small neighbourhood eatery.

But lately, we’ve been stepping out of this safe comfort zone more and more and giving the small, quaint restaurant a shot.

And we just discovered a new one in Victoria that is sure to be a new favourite of the Italian variety.

Restaurants Victoria, Italian restaurants Victoria, Vancouver Island, Date night Victoria(Photo Courtesy of Il Covo)

Il Covo Tratteria is located in an old downtown Victoria neighbourhood and is locally owned and operated by an Italian and his wife.

New to Victoria, Il Covo Tratteria was created in hopes of bringing the small neighbourhood restaurant feel of Italy to this beautiful capital city of Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Outside Dining Victoria, Restaurants Victoria, Italian dining Victoria(Photos Courtesy Of: Il Covo)

And really, that’s exactly what I thought when I walked down the street to the front door of Il Covo.  Its quaint charm readily drew me in and made me wish it was a warm summer day so we could eat in the garden outside.

But we found a different warmth inside Il Covo Trattoria.

Victoria Restaurants, Victoria Italian Food, Date night Victoria

With its exposed brick inside, warm fire glow and stone-like tuscan painting on the walls, I felt I had perhaps entered another country.  We were given a table by the fire and I immediately let the cares of the day fall off my shoulders as I settled in to a relaxing evening.

The food here is amazing.

As I have never learned Italian apart from Ciao! and grazie, I couldn’t pronounce anything on the menu, but the descriptions were enough to let me know this would be good.

Our server was friendly and very helpful, pronouncing all the dishes in melodic Italian…I thought she may have come from Italy herself.

We started with an antipasto for two, which could have been meal enough if this were lunch. The plate was full of options of olives, cheeses, prosciutto, brushetta, artichokes and more.

Italian food in Victoria, Victoria Dining, Vancouver Island, Reviews Il Covo,(Photos Courtesy of Il Covo)

And I just can’t do it justice here, but know, it was fantastico!

Sometimes when I eat out, I find it difficult to order since I have a few food allergies, but at Il Covo, they easily accommodated my needs all while keeping my dishes authentically Italian.  Jay’s choice of the ravioli in a creamy walnut sauce was a delicious dish passed down from the owner’s grandmother in Genoa, Italy.

And, really, that’s one of my favourite things about Il Covo Tratteria. The dishes are authentic Italian, many recipes passed down through the family…a true Italian dining experience.

Italian Dining Victoria, Victoria Restaurants, where to eat in Victoria, Italian Victoria, reviews Il Covo(Photo Courtesy of Il Covo)

The portions were akin to fine dining, so don’t come expecting heaping mountains of food like at some chain restaurants.  We were each able to eat everything in its entirety including an appetizer and dessert without feeling bloated and over-full.

When you dine at Il Covo, plan on eating more than just the main course. The menu and experience is designed to be experienced in multi-courses with a beverage. The prices for this type of Italian restaurant were very reasonable – You can see the menu on price list on their website.

And really, who wouldn’t want to try more dishes here and have a true dining experience?

Jay says “One always feels better when leaving a restaurant using the same buckle notch as one did entering the restaurant”. Funny guy.

As we moved to the sweeter side, our server brought out the best tiramisu I’ve ever had and Jay’s first.

I’m convinced he is now ruined forever.  I can’t even really describe it other than to say it’s a thrill for someone who enjoys coffee and chocolate.

Our entire evening at Il Covo Tratteria was wonderful.

Relaxing, quiet, soothing, and just what we needed for our date night. Off the beaten path, unassuming, and welcoming, I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Italian Dining Victoria, Reviews Il Covo, Victoria Date night, Restaurants in Victoria, Romantic Victoria Restaurants(Photo Courtesy of Il Covo)

Have you been to Il Covo Trattoria? Where is the best Italian food you have every had? Start the ball rolling with a comment below!


Il Covo Trattoria
106 Superior Street Victoria, BC

How to get to Il Covo Trattoria

While our experience at Il Covo Trattoria was complimentary, you can rest assured that my thoughts, opinions, and findings are my own as always.


  • Thank you so much Jay and Gretta for dining with us and for the wonderful article on Il Covo! We enjoyed so meeting and having you both come in. You do an amazing job of showcasing and supporting attractions and businesses here on the Island and we look forward to seeing you again and reading about your discoveries! Grazie Mille! - Reply

    • You made it easy to write a good article. Your place was seriously wonderful! -g - Reply

  • Thanks for the suggestion! And in our (James Bay) neighbourhood too! We'll look forward to checking them out. So many excellent restaurants in Victoria, so little time... (heavy sigh) :-) Although not specifically Italian, we do love Café Brio on Fort Street, and for French country, the Brasserie L'Ecole can't be beat! M&M - Reply

    • Thank you for those suggestions. We haven't tried either one! Maybe before the weather turns too bad you could take a nice little walk to this one. :) And yes, I many excellent restaurants in Victoria with so little time. :) -g - Reply