Massage Or Facial, What Would You Choose? Oh Spa

Oh Spa has so many incredible treatments! Is it time to try something new? I had heard facials were enjoyable, but I love my massages! What’s a girl to do?

If you absolutely had to choose just one, what would you choose?

Ever since my cousin was enrolled in massage therapy school and used me as her test dummy, I have been receiving massages and loving every single one.

Deep tissue, hot stone, lomi lomi, relaxation…these are all incredible types of massages, but I have never tried a facial before, well, until last week.

During a stay at Old House Village Hotel and Spa, Jay and I decided to treat ourselves to an hour each of something special. So he chose a massage and I went out for something new…a facial.

I didn’t really know what to expect with a facial, but I figured  whatever it was, it would be focussed on my face.  So as we were leaving our hotel room, Jay asked why I wasn’t dressed in the hotel robe like he was (you see, he loves to wear those things whenever he gets the chance so he couldn’t understand why I would wear my regular clothes).

I informed him I was just getting a facial and wouldn’t need to change into a robe.

Little did I know how wrong I was.

I thought, a little mud mask, some cucumbers on my eyes, a hot towel over my face and some moisturizer to call it a day.  What on this blessed green earth could take a full hour to basically just touch my face?

Well, those of you who are in the know, understand my naivety.  I walked into Oh Spa and was promptly given a robe, slippers and a locker for my clothes, ushered into the quiet waiting lounge, given a cup of tea and awaited my facial.

I was greeted and taken to my facial room.

I walked in and saw a massage table.

I shared my confusion with the person who would be working on me, and she so graciously informed me how I would be getting hand, arm, neck, shoulders and scalp massage along with my cleansing, exfoliating and intense moisturizing of my face.

60 minutes later I was almost asleep.

My arms, hands and shoulders were relaxed. My face…smooth and hydrated. But my favourite was my head. Oh what joys come with a massage to the scalp.

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I could go back for more of just that!

I see now what all the talk is about when it comes to getting a facial.  And folks, if you’ve never had one before, make sure you don’t plan to go anywhere special afterward…your hair will look crazy after it’s been handled with oily massage hands.

Jay’s look was priceless when he beheld me in all my crazy post-facial beauty. Let’s just say, a shampooing was in immediate order.

But ask me again what to choose, facial or massage?

Go for both. That’s the only good answer I can give you.

Old House Village hotel, Courtenay Hotel, Comox Valley luxury hotelImage Courtesy Of Old House Village Hotel & Spa

Oh Spa is just one of the wonderful amenities of the luxurious Old House Hotel in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

As you can see they also have a lovely outdoor heated pool and hot top which are fully available for spa guests to enjoy. We thoroughly enjoyed our family vacation at Old House Hotel and Spa! Read more.

What would you have chosen if you were with me at Oh Spa? Facial or massage? Please comment below and share away, I always love to hear from our readers.



  • I'd probably pick a massage but I do enjoy a facial. Just a couple of minutes of picking at your face but then the relaxation of the head neck and shoulder massage after the warm steam...ahhh... - Reply

    • I know! It's totally worth it. I was so surprised how relaxed I was when it was all over. -g - Reply

  • That's a tough one and in order to really answer I'd have to know what type of massage because I'm not a big fan of deep tissue...pan and massage are not complimentary in my mind. So having said that I'd probably go with facial as I know for sure there won't be any pain involved plus being over 40 means I need all the help I can get! :) - Reply

    • Sarah, I once had a lomi lomi massage that was incredible! It mimics waves over your body. If you ever get the chance, you should try one. I think one of the draws for me and choosing a facial is my age. My skin isn't the same as when I was in my 20s. :) I hear you on needing all the help you can get. -g - Reply

  • I would probably go for the facial as I have never had one before and it sounds like a great experience - Reply

    • It truly is a toss up for me now, Katie. I think I may just have to go back and forth now. They are both so good. -g - Reply

  • I knew where that was going to end up...had my facial in downtown Duncan (middle of the day). Stumbled out the door looking like the Wild Woman of the Woods but wow, was it worth it. The head massage was the best part, although thank goodness the new hairdo was only temporary. - Reply

    • Wild Woman of the Woods, indeed. :) Sometimes when I get a headache I think back and dream of my facial and head massage and wonder when I will go back. -g - Reply

  • I recently faced this delightful dilemma at Oh Spa! I'd always choose a facial—especially the one I had at EM's Esthetics. Best facial in Vancouver hands down. - Reply

    • Thanks for Sharing Cristina! Always a nice dilemma to have in life! J & G - Reply