Vancouver Island Zipline Family Adventure

Adrena LINE was the BIG highlight of our family vacation to Sooke. The expressions on our faces after soaring down a thousand foot cable says it all.

“Just because all your friends are jumping out of trees 100 feet off the ground doesn’t mean you have to do it too.”

Normally I would agree with that statement. But in the case of enjoying Adrena LINE Zipline Adventure Tours, I have to disagree…you SHOULD jump out of the tree.

My family loves adventure.

Since my husband and I met at an outdoor adventure-based company, I suppose it’s expected that we enjoy nature and pushing its the edge a bit.  Whitewater rafting and rock climbing were among our daily activities many years ago, and we definitely have a desire to make sure our children love the outdoors just like we do.

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We’ve been waiting for the kids to get to the right age to enjoy some special activities, and I am happy to say with our youngest solidly over 40 pounds and our middle crossing the 60 pound mark, we were able to make a trip to Adrena LINE Zipline Adventure Tours in Sooke.

Seriously, I was excited about this adventure.

When we pulled into the parking lot, I was impressed with how professional everything was. We walked in, signed our waivers and awaited our tour time.  As we waited, we got to know our guides a bit. They were fantastic! Friendly, aware, and quite welcoming. The kids were bouncing around like kangaroos, so excited to fly from tree to tree.

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We got all suited up with our helmets and harnesses; I could feel the excitement growing. It was growing so much that I heard from my daughter that she just couldn’t smile anymore.  Her face hurt from it all. The butterflies were growing in our tummies and we were ready to hit the trail for our first zipline.

Jay was most nervous about our youngest Traveling Islander who is six.

Questions abounded like will he do this? What if he doesn’t like going tandem with a guide? Will he cry and want to turn back? Only time would tell what would happen.

The zipline tour is a series of lines stretched between multiple trees, so once you start, you’re committed to finish.  The first zipline is appropriately named “commitment”.

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But before you truly have to commit, you get to try it out on the “bunny hill.”  This is where we all learned how it would work and we squealed with delight as we zipped the short distance.

Okay, actually I squealed.  I have a tendency to do that…even when I try to hold it in.  I can’t help it, I’m just an expressive person.

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And the best news of the practice run was our six year old absolutely loved it and was smiling ear to ear. We shouldn’t have been surprised, but it was quite a relief to see him laughing and giving high fives to his Adrena LINE buddy.

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After the practice run, we headed to two ATV’s  that would take us up to the starting point of our tour.

The ride through the trees is beautiful and we stopped along the way to learn a couple cool things about the forest. It was nice to just sit back and take in the beauty from the ground.

When we reached the starting spot and got out of the ATV’s, my poor daughter came to Jay in tears.

Her smile still hurt and she was experiencing a massive headache. Would we have to turn back?  Was she getting sick?  What’s a dad to do?  With a quick twist of her helmet adjustment, her pain immediately subsided and we instantly had our little girl back to normal.

Word to the wise, in your exuberance to get the helmet on, don’t tighten it so much on your kids that you cut off the circulation to their brain. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

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Riding along with us was a new friend we met.  She is from the U.S. and decided to go zip lining as part of her Vancouver Island vacation! 

Our two guides took such good care of us. I didn’t hesitate in the least bit as they hooked up the kids to dangle from the trees 100 feet in the air.

I suppose that’s saying a lot.

A mama can get a little worked up knowing her life and the lives of her littles are completely in the hands of someone else. I’m happy to say, our staff were well trained, incredibly safe, and never once made me question their judgement…all while having a lot of fun.

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Adrena LINE, Adrenaline Zipline Adventure Tours, Victoria family activities, Vancouver Island activities, Sooke family activities,

It’s not every day you get to see the forests the way birds do.

The perspective from the treetops is stunning. I was reminded all over again how gorgeous Vancouver Island really is, our lush forests are testament to that.  Platform to platform, tree to tree, beauty abounds here.

And in case you miss it as you zip around, there is a suspension bridge at one spot that will help you slow down even more to take it all in.

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It’s pretty special standing on a platform and watching your kids come soaring to you with pure delight all across their faces.

My youngest giggled every time he approached and gave massive hugs as he couldn’t contain his joy any other way.  Of all the activities we’ve done so far on Vancouver Island, Adrena LINE Zipline Adventure Tours tops the list.

It’s the one they talk about most so far.

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Adrena LINE is great for all ages over 5 and 40-275 pounds.  The tour lasts about 2 hours and the time flies…almost as fast as you zip from tree to tree.  With over 3200 ft of line to zip, you will have your own favourite and make lifelong memories.

Everyone had their favourite:

the speedy one, the suspension bridge, the 1000 footer (!). Mine was the confidence of my kids.  Since the connection from your harness to the zipline itself is always tight, you never have the sense of a “free fall” and you always feel secure.

The kids were fantastic and it was great watching them take flight on their own.

From start to finish, our experience with Adrena LINE Zipline Adventure Tours was wonderful.  Our only problem is we all want to go back for more. So take our word for it and go jump out of the trees!

Adrena LINE Zipline Adventure Tours

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Our zipline family activity in Sooke with Adrena LINE was part of a larger Sooke family vacation. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Sooke we recommend the Prestige Oceanfront Resort which is also a Best Western Premiere. Adrena LINE Zipline Adventure Tours is also a quick drive from downtown Victoria and makes for a great Victoria family activity option.

Grab a Adrenaline shuttle from downtown Victoria 

Directions to Adrenaline Zipline Adventure Tours

While our experience with Adrena LINE Zipline Adventure Tours was complimentary, you can rest assured that my thoughts, opinions, and findings are my own as always. 


  • I want to do it!!! Looks like the kids absolutely loved it (and you big kids too). I remember my Dad doing a course of ziplining in Rotorua when I was a kid. He was overweight at the time and because of that he was too heavy for it and kept slamming into the sandbanks at the end of each run really hard! It was kinda funny to watch but he was pretty bruised by the end of it! - Reply

    • Oh dear. Your poor dad! I was thankful for the braking system on our trip - no chance of running into anything. Did your dad ever return to try it again or were the bruises too painful? If/when you ever come to Vancouver Island, you should try this out. It was so much fun...and yes, all of us kids (big ones included) loved it. -g - Reply

  • What an amazing adventure! How can you top this one? I guess you don't even need to keep a photo album, as the blog as already been created:-) - Reply

    • I don't know that we can top it! Though I am thankful we do so many different things that each has its own memories and stories. And I love that I don't have to keep a photo album. I'm terrible at remembering to print pictures and put them in the books. Poor Koen doesn't have any pictures beyond his hospital birth in his book! -g - Reply

  • Awesome video!! How did you get the footage on the zip line, were you holding a selfie stick? We just went zip lining and did an aerial adventure course last week -- so much fun!! - Reply

    • Yes, we had a selfie stick. It was our first time using it. I like it for these videos, but I'm embarrassed we have one. :) Jay loves it. We'll see how many more times it gets used! Where was your zip lining course? I'm sure I'd enjoy reading all about it. -g - Reply

  • I love ziplining and hope to get to the island this summer so thanks for the tip! Great video and it's awesome how you all participate in these adventures as a family. I'm sure you're raising very happy, independent and confidant kids!! - Reply