Coffeehouse Hunter Finds Oldhand Coffee In Abbotsford!

The Coffeehouse hunter is always on the lookout for authentic coffee and she strikes again with this hidden gem all the way in Abbotsford. Must try!

Written By: Adventurous Annabelle, aka “The Coffeehouse Hunter” (Traveling Islanders, Guest Blogger)
Location: Canada, BC, Vancouver Area, Abbotsford

As fresh off the press as minute-old ground coffee beans, Abbotsford has welcomed a new treasure.

Only open for little over two weeks, Oldhand Coffee is the new hub of fantastic authentic coffee. The coffee snob in me as well as my past as a barista rises up in victory, and this coffee house triumphs on my priority list.

As a kiwi, I come from one of the original countries to perfect the ‘flat white’. It annoys me to no lengths when this particular drink is not made right. So when a friend posted Oldhand Coffee’s ‘flat white’ on instagram, I just had to try it out.

This leads me to why Oldhand Coffee should be one of your must-drink spots if you are within an hour radius of Abbotsford … ever!

Oldhand Coffee, Good Coffee in Abbotsford

Oldhand Does Coffee Really Well!

Drinking coffee is a favourite past time and I’m known to go to great lengths to enjoy its sweet nectar. Oldhand perfected my ‘flat white’ with the balance of a sweeter ristretto shot and limited amount of milk – just perfect! I found my happy place as I saw drink after drink be served looking as wonderful as mine tasted. The staff are so welcoming and cheerful; it only adds to the delight.

Old hand Coffee, Abbotsford Coffee House,

From Quality Of Coffee To The Décor

Oldhand Coffee knows who they are and have stuck to it thus far. The décor is simple with old church pews and school chairs, reminding me of my childhood and providing a quirky atmosphere. The reason I love how they have created the buzz is because they have done simple really well – it’s modern hipster eat your heart out!

Oldhand Coffee, Coffee in Abbotsford, Good Espresso In AbbotsfordSupporting Local

I am a big advocate for supporting local companies and the local economy. Oldhand Coffee uses Bow and Arrow coffee from Victoria, BC and they have local baking on hand! The only disappointment was no gluten free options, but I am assured it’s coming!

Invigorating Atmosphere

This place is absolutely buzzing. As I visited on a Saturday morning, I was set to make the most of my day at 8:50am waiting to meet my friend. By 9:07 there was a line 7 people deep, not including the 6 tables already filled! The people are here to drink great coffee, nibble on delicious baking, and embrace community. They have seen a good thing and come in flocks!

As I went to a dinner party that night, Oldhand Coffee was the talk of town. Even at a 40 minutes’ drive away, everyone there wanted to be sure they get a chance to enjoy this new hot spot!


How About You? Have you found great coffee in the Vancouver Area? Comment below and unveil your find!