The perfect mid-island travel break or day at the beach!

5 activities you are guaranteed to enjoy at this amazing oceanside park or A+ rest stop. Ladysmith, Vancouver Island

Remember that time when you needed a rest stop and took that exit to who knows where? Not this time! Ladysmith, Transfer Beach has to be the nicest place for a travel break on the island or a great day at the beach!

If you have the time or you are staying nearby, it’s a fabulous place to spend an afternoon. Just 30 seconds off of Island Hwy when traveling through Ladysmith is a manicured public beach park called Transfer Beach. Whether it is a luxurious rest stop you are looking for or an afternoon of relaxation and fun, you can’t got wrong by stopping here.

We visited Transfer Beach with another couple and our friend who is from England exclaimed in her strong english accent “Well if I lived in this town, I would just have to bring my dinner down here every night to enjoy the view!”

Transfer Beach parkpng

We started off our time at Transfer Beach by finding a good place to put down our picnic blanket. The view is truly majestic anywhere you sit or play in the park, so it doesn’t matter where you plunk yourself down as long as you are facing the ocean. If you are planning on a BBQ or a larger picnic meal, we did notice several picnic tables scattered throughout the park with families enjoying themselves.

The great thing about Transfer Beach is that it’s an excellent place for active families with many, many things to do all close by. We strategically chose a spot on the nice green grass right between the spray park and the beach because we knew where our kids would want to be! Just as we thought, the kids had a blast running between the spray park and beach the whole time we were there, so it was nice to be close by to everything.

The spray park is a good size, with lots of things to run under and through with water spraying everywhere. Super popular with the little kids of course. Kaia spent hours making new friends and cooling off under the summer sun.

Transfer Beach Spray Park

If it is a hot summer day, the time at Transfer Beach wouldn’t be complete without a swim in the ocean. The calm and warm waters make it a very safe place for kids and adults alike. Now I know what you are thinking! What? That ocean water has to be really cold! Actually, that is not the case Since the beach is located right in the heart of the gulf islands, the ocean water is protected and can get as warm as a lake during the summer months. There is a large swimming area right off the beach with a gradual slope into the deeper water. Our kids loved snorkelling around and finding all sorts of ocean treasures. After the ocean swim, be sure to hit the splash park to rinse all the salt off your body. We found a convenient changing room and bathroom located just up from the beach.

If you want to try kayaking or paddle boarding, Transfer Beach has that too. There is a quality kayak company right in the park at the far end. We took a little 2 hour excursion out to some islands nearby to have some time to ourselves. The company who rented the kayaks were very helpful as they pointed out a good scenic route to take. Along the way we saw some seals and eagles and as we paddled to the backside of a small island it felt like we were in a world of our own. All the equipment was in excellent shape and the price was fair. You can’t come to Vancouver Island without heading out into a kayak; it is an absolute must. There is just something so refreshing being so close to nature out by yourself with only the sound of your paddle cutting through the water.

Transfer Beach kayak

The boys’ favourite spot was the sandy beach and ocean shore. We loved playing with the kids in the sand, but by the end of the day we found ourselves just sitting together close by the kids and taking in the gorgeous view of the evening ocean sky. It’s times like this where we remember how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful place on the Island.

If we weren’t playing at the beach or spray park, we were off chasing the kids on the very unique expansive kids play structure.The structure is nothing like we have ever seen before. It is one of those structures where a group of men must have come together with some tool belts and tapped into their inner child. It is completely made out of wood and consists of  a lot of long running ramps, corners and bridges; perfect place to play playground tag! There is also a smaller structure nearby for the younger ones and of course lots of swings.

There are so many amenities offered we have to stop somewhere, but it is worth mentioning we saw a basketball court, beach volleyball pit, covered area for large groups and an oceanfront amphitheater.

Transfer Beach is definitely a favourite of the Traveling Islanders for a quick afternoon at the ocean.

What’s your favourite rest stop when traveling on Vancouver Island?


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