5 Ways Cultus Lake Waterpark Builds Strong Families

Family fun at Cultus Lake Waterpark brings laughs and adventure. More importantly, it helps keep family bonds strong through all life stages.

Summer family fun at Cultus Lake Waterpark brings lots of laughs, fun and adventuring together as a family. But even more important it helps keep those family bonds strong through all the stages of life together. Find out how right here!

5 Ways Cultus Lake Waterpark Helps Build Strong Families:

1. Creates Traditions The Kids Will Love For Years To Come

When our kids were fairly young, we visited Cultus Lake Waterpark for the first time. Not fully knowing what to expect, we quickly fell in love with the place. I remember walking into the park and experiencing the wonder through the eyes of our young children and I knew they were making important core family memories.

Though we don’t live close the Waterpark, we have made it a tradition to visit as often as we can to keep the tradition going. Our children are now teenagers and they still look forward to visiting the park together. Their wonder has been replaced with excited anticipation as we plan for the next visit and they definitely all have their favourite activities.

Because we started early, visiting Cultus Lake Waterpark is one of our traditions as a family

2. Strengthens The All Important Parent-Child Bond

Nothing brings about laughter faster than watching mom shoot out of a snake’s mouth and slip feet-first and upside down. Yes, our kids waited at the pool’s edge to see how mom would fare exiting the slide.  Aptly named “The Rattler,” this slide twisted and turned so quickly that when I came to the end, my feet shot up while my bum sank down and the moment I righted myself and exited the water, my own laughter along with the teenagers’, was enough to get our sides hurting! It’s moments like this that confirm why these experiences are important.

While the slides bring fun and laughter, it’s waiting in the line that brings the meaningful conversations. Teens don’t often readily open up with parents, but despite what you may think, there is always something going on in their heads. Waiting in line is the perfect opportunity to get a peek into their minds.

Sure, lines are no one’s favourite, and yet, we make the most of those moments and share stories, ask questions, and hear a bit of their hearts, ideas and worries.     

3. Cultus Lake Waterpark Provides Summer Family Fun At It’s Best

Cultus Lake Waterpark, Traveling Islanders

This probably goes without saying, and yet, here we are saying it. Summer and splashes go together even better than peanut butter and jam. It’s just right. When summer hits around these parts, heading to water just comes naturally. Cultus Lake Waterpark perfectly blends the two in a way that provides lasting fun and memories.

The slides and pools offer sweet relief to the heat. It’s just perfect.

4. Beautiful Setting, Fresh Air And Exercise Is Proven To Give Families A Boost

Few people sign up for a day full of climbing stairs. However, when those stairs are surrounded by gorgeous views and promise a rewarding, fun slide at the end? Sign me up! In fact, at several points in the day, we encourage one another to keep climbing, to look out and enjoy the views and to take in the moments of beauty.

Its an easy way to get the steps in and clean out the lungs too!

5. Got Teenagers? Cultus Lake Waterpark Will Help

Teens are in a precious time of life where they love their family, but they sometimes forget to show it. They often voice desire to hang out with friends over siblings and parents, so as parents it’s our job to create moments of fun to draw them back to family.

Cultus Lake Waterpark gives parents an easy activity choice to help prioritize time together that the teens will love. When we, as parents, initiate fun activities together, it communicates the importance of family time as well as creating space for special memories.

We have found that our kids do not seek out or ask for the family to do fun things together as much anymore. They ask for time with friends. But when we prioritize and offer fun things, it is so worth it and Cultus Lake Waterpark makes it easy.

Visit Cultus Lake Waterpark to plan an experience for your family! cultus.com

10 Quick Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Cultus Lake Family Waterpark Day

  1. Arrive early to grab a complimentary picnic table and shade tent. Choose your tent for morning sun or evening sun depending on the day’s temperature. At the back of the park there are more private tents.
  2. Have a mid-afternoon break for some family time ice cream at the Colossal Scoop. Hard ice cream lasts longer in the hot Summer heat and you get more of it for about the same price.
  3. Got Teens? The Espresso Stand will wake them up in the morning.
  4. Bring lunch, dinner, lots of snacks and drinks. This addition to the day is guaranteed happiness for any family. Bring a cooler and the wagon and close out the park.
  5. Check the Cultus Lake Waterpark website for the parking options. Tip! One option is FREE.
  6. It’s so sad when families miss that there are height safety restrictions. Better to check out the policy ahead of time.
  7. Purchase your tickets online ahead of time and well in advance. Don’t risk buying your tickets at the gate as the park may be sold out. This will not help family bonding.
  8. Bring picnic blankets, beach umbrella (if you come late) & camping chairs. Cultus Lake Waterpark rents these, but it will help you save some money if you bring your own. Plus it’ll leave more money for ice cream.
  9. Don’t want to pack your own food? Cultus Lake Waterpark has you covered.
  10. Lines are shorter during the first and last hour of the day. Maximize those times and come in with a plan. Check out all the waterpark rids & attractions as a family and build the anticipation.

Sneak Peak Video Into A Family Day At Cultus Lake Waterpark

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While our experience at Cultus Lake Waterpark was complimentary our thoughts and opinions are our own and we will be back time and time again because we absolutely love it.