A Romantic Getaway To Chateau Victoria

See why Chateau Victoria is a great choice for your romantic getaway. We guarantee that you won’t find a restaurant in all of Victoria with this view!

Victoria has been awarded the title of ‘most romantic’ city in Canada many times and it wasn’t hard to see why on a recent romantic getaway.

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Victoria is surrounded by Vancouver Island charm, steeped in Canadian history and oceanside walkways begging you for a romantic stroll.

Its award winning fine dining, carriage rides, whale watching, kayaking, evening cruises, world-renowned Butchart Gardens and more provide many activity options you can enjoy with a loved one.

You can even buy fish at a nearby wharf and feed the locals swimming by!

Fisherman's wharf, Victoria Seals, Feeding seals in Victoria, Romantic Dates in Victoria, Chateau Victoria

The opportunity to create life-long romantic memories abound!

As parents of three young children ourselves, we can relate to the difficulty of getting away for a date night, let alone a two-night getaway! Our hope is that somehow and someway after reading our blog post, you will be inspired to make a romantic trip of your own a reality.

You definitely won’t regret it, friends.

Your relationship and memory-making with a loved one is always worth the effort. The only regret in the end will be that you didn’t get away enough! Here is a two night trip all planned out for you, so pack your bags!

Gretta and I indulged in some of the best Victoria has to offer, starting at Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites.

Chateau victoria


Photo Courtesy Of: Chateau Victoria

Here are 7 reasons why Chateau Victoria is an excellent choice for your romantic getaway to Victoria:

1. In-Room Massage (Victoria Spa Services)

A knock at the door, a surprise for Gretta, and a few minutes later two massage tables were set up in our hotel room! A couples’ Swedish Relaxation Massage is just what our romantic getaway needed to put it over the top.

These are the extras that will make your time together memorable, so go for it.

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Victoria Spa Services prices are reasonable. It was convenient, the booking was simple, and the service was professional, comfortable, and friendly.

And most importantly, the massage was amazing and we didn’t even have to leave the comfort and privacy of our hotel suite!

2. Vista 18 

The elevator doors opened up and just like that we were on the 18th floor in front of a sign that said ‘please wait to be seated’.

First a spa in our hotel room, and now we get to enjoy fine dining at the highest restaurant in all of Victoria a few floors up. If you are anything like me, you will love the hassle-free hotel and dining experience.

Vista 18, Chateau Victoria, Victoria fine dining,

The vista views were incredible. Three times over the course of the night the view changed beautifully, which really added a lot to our romantic dinner. We were in awe many times and stayed until the sunset show was over. Just gorgeous.

Vista18, Chateau_Victoria, Fine dining Victoria, Romantic dining Victoria, Romantic Restaurants in Victoria

Our dinner was outstanding.

It was my first time having Lamb Rack and between you and me… I may have broken etiquette once or twice. When no one was looking I may have nibbled the lamb bone. I am still getting used to fine dining, but hey it really was that good!

Lamb Rack, Vista 18, Where to eat in Victoria, Romantic hotels, Chateau Victoria

For dessert we enjoyed the chocolate & blueberry truffles made in-house daily. If you have a sweet tooth, you are guaranteed to love these smooth chocolate balls of savory goodness… I may have just drooled on my keyboard a little.

Be sure to check with the hotel on the live entertainment schedule. We didn’t get to experience it ourselves, but we heard the local artists Vista 18 bring in are very good.

3. Our Suite

We stayed in a comfortable one-bedroom corner suite on the 15th floor, and are we ever glad we scored this room! The view from our walkout balcony overlooking the city toward the mountains and ocean far off in the distance was very nice. We could see Beacon Hill Park and even Craigdarroch Castle poking out over the treetops. Be sure to ask for a room as high as they have available, it’s well worth it.

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Our spacious suite was very comfortable and came with all the amenities you would expect from a luxury hotel. Our favourite was the comfy living room furniture and the nice big comfy king size bed.

We did think the bathroom was a little on the smaller size for a suite, but it didn’t overly bother us; it’s just something to note if bathroom size is something you value in a suite.

Chateau Victoria has several different room types to choose from depending on your budget and needs. When looking at prices, be sure to factor in how much you are saving in dining out if you get a suite with a kitchen like we did.

4. Location

No one likes to book a hotel and then realize later it’s in a terrible location. You can be confident when staying at Chateau Victoria, you can park your car for days and never run out of things to do within walking distance of the hotel. The hard part will be choosing what to do!

We did jump in the car on one of the days and took in the world renowned Butchart Gardens, a 30 minute drive away. We ended up spending the whole day enjoying the gardens, each other and some delicious food.

If you find it enchanting watching nature change from season to season as it shows off it gorgeous colours and creativity, you will want to follow in our footsteps to Butchart Gardens. 

Butchart Gardens, Romantic activities in Victoria, things to do in Victoria, Flower Gardens, Vancouver Island activities,

Photo Courtesy Of: Buchart Gardens

But just steps outside the hotel door, we were minutes away from the waterfront walkway, BC Royal Museum, IMAX, Opera House, Restaurants, Parliament Buildings, Fisherman’s Wharf and many more tourist activities that make Victoria so famous. Craigdarroch Castle is a little farther away, but still within reach if you like a longer walk.

5. Clives Classic Lounge

Clives Lounge, Chateau Victoria, Cocktail Lounge Victoria

Photo Courtesy Of: Chateau Victoria

Voted # 1, Best of the City (Victoria News) and one of the “Top 10 Hotel Bars in the World” by Tales of the Cocktail, Clive’s Classic Lounge is the best place in Victoria to experience craft mixology. Expect delicious foods from the kitchen as well with many options to choose from.

The tasteful warm atmosphere pays homage to Clive Piercy, the hotels independent owner who helped develop and build Victoria into the wonderful city it is today.

6. The Pool

Chateau Victoria, Amenities at Chateau Victoria, Victoria hotel with pool, Victoria Hotel

You know those little hotel pools that are so small that you do a cannon ball and all the water is gone? You’re never too old to do a cannon ball! Anyways…not the case here at all with Chateau Victoria.

A modest fitness room and hot-tub were alongside the indoor pool, but I was too tired from my attempt at reliving my glory days of doing laps like a lifeguard to use them.

7. Service & Overall Feel

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The staff was professional, attentive to detail, and always looked to make our stay extra special. If something wasn’t right they were right on it.

We really enjoyed our first impression of Chateau Victoria. The fountain outside the hotel with water cascading down a massive pillar and the bright and glittery feel once we entered the lobby welcomed us in with energy and vibrance.

All these reasons made Chateau Victoria a perfect choice for our romantic getaway.

I truly hope we inspired you to go on a romantic getaway of your own; you won’t regret it!

Chateau Victoria

Web: www.chateauvictoria.ca
Phone: 250-382-4221   |   TOLL FREE: 1-800-663-5891
Address: 740 Burdett Avenue, Victoria, BC Canada • Directions to Chateau Victoria


  • Free wifi is a nice perk! I hate when hotels nickel and dime you on stuff like that. But parking is $15 a night, which is about standard for Victoria hotels unfortunately.
  • The lobby and front entrance of the hotel is outstanding and we give it a 5 star. However, we should mention that we thought the hallway between the parking lot and the lobby didn’t match the magnificence of the lobby. I know! call me picky! But we strive to be authentic and trustworthy 🙂

While our stay at Chateau Victoria was complimentary, you can rest assured that my thoughts, opinions, and findings are my own as always.