World Renowned Butchart Gardens On Vancouver Island

How we spent 7 hours at Butchart Gardens and still didn’t want to leave! We love every one of these pictures, but number 10 is my favourite!

Close your eyes and listen with me.  Do you hear it?

The buzz of the flowering cherry tree as you walk past.  The hum of the speedy humming bird flying by looking for nectar.  The melodic chirping of robins, sparrows and chickadees calling back and forth to one another.

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These are the welcoming sounds of Spring.  These are the sounds that make me dream of sunglasses, grass between my toes and most recently…Butchart Gardens.

Don’t you find it enchanting watching nature change from season to season as it shows off it gorgeous colours and creativity?

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I have always loved walking through gardens and smelling, hearing and seeing life abounding all around me.

This is why I am so thankful that over 100 years ago Jennie Butchart set out to beautify an otherwise quite ugly used up limestone quarry.  Her husband had made quite an eyesore with his work and as the story goes, Jennie tirelessly brought in soil and seed and slowly transformed the area into a gorgeous “sunken garden.”

She generously shared the beauty she created with whomever wanted to see and she always wanted her gardens to be experienced by others.

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Now, over 100 years later, her passion continues.  Butchart Gardens has definitely grown over the years, but the passion remains.

At Butchart, they believe it’s all about the visitor’s experience and as Jay and I walked the grounds we sure felt that to be true.

From every single angle, there was something beautiful, and with over 55 acres to look at, the beauty is truly nothing short of overwhelming.

Butchart Gardens, Flower pictures, Vancouver Island tours, Vancouver Island activities, World Flower Gardens, Best Flower GardensPhoto Courtesy Of: Butchart Gardens

It takes a small army to make it so beautiful, but let me tell you, it’s one very talented and gifted army.  Because they are so committed to making sure the visitor’s experience is special, the full-time gardeners begin their day hours before the gardens open and they work quietly and almost invisibly.

Not a flower is out of place, not a weed has taken root.

And it’s all done without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. AMAZING!

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These gardens are truly amazing and no matter how fantastic my words are, they will pale in comparison to the beauty and experience of walking through the gardens yourself. It’s been said that

“flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful. They are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.” (Luther Burbank) and I couldn’t agree more.

Butchart Gardens, Famous Flower Gardens, Vancouver Island activities, Vancouver Island travel blogPhoto Courtesy Of: Butchart Gardens

There are five gardens within the whole of Butchart: the Italian, Japanese, Rose, Mediterranean, and the piece de resistance…the Sunken Garden.  

Japanese Garden, Vancouver Island flower gardens, Butchart Gardens, Victoria flower gardensPhoto Courtesy Of: Butchart Gardens • Japanese Garden

As we were planning on eating lunch in the lovely Dining Room, I thought we would see the whole place first and then after eating, go back to our favourite.  But to my surprise, we spent the first two hours meandering through only the Sunken Garden! I just couldn’t get enough of it.  

I was surprised to learn that the average time spent in the entire gardens is a mere hour and a half!  

People!  This just isn’t right!

It takes a bit more time to fully appreciate it all.

We enjoyed a spectacular lunch in The Dining Room.

This restaurant is in the old Butchart home and as I was eating, it wasn’t hard to imagine Jennie sitting in the sun room dreaming of what to plant next.  The food is exquisite here and I’m told it has won several awards.

Butchart Gardens, Private garden at Butchart, Vancouver Island activities, Victoria romantic dates, Flower garden on Vancouver Island, best flower gardensPhoto Courtesy Of: Butchart Gardens (We enjoyed the view of Jennie’s private garden while dining)

When you choose to dine here, you’ll quickly understand why. The menu changes from month to month, but if the West Coast seafood turnover is on the list when you dine, you’ll want to try it!

We also enjoyed the smoked salmon flatbread and the crab and English pea arancine as appetizers along with the creme brûlée for dessert. Afternoon Tea is served all year round and lunch and dinner are served seasonally.

If you’re planning on making your visit romantic or memorable, a stop here is well worth it.

Food at Butchart Gardens, Restaurants at Butchart Gardens, Victoria restaurants, Best flower gardens in the world

If a fancy meal or tea is not what you have planned, you can stop in at the Blue Poppy for cafeteria style dining or you can even pack your own picnic and sit on one of the park benches in front of the flowers or ponds and enjoy your meal that way too.

After spending nearly seven hours at Butchart Gardens, it was sadly time to go.

A sunny day here is food for the soul and medicine for the heart.  It was well worth every minute.

E.E. Cummings said:

“the earth laughs in flowers.”

You’ll want to visit Butchart Gardens and hear the giggles for yourself.  No matter what season you choose to visit, you’ll surely find it to be beautiful.

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Butchart Gardens, Romantic Dates on Vancouver Island, World famous flower gardens, Victoria things to do

For more information on touring Butchart Gardens including hours, seasonal activities and rates visit:

Directions to Butchart Gardens

What’s your favourite Butchart Garden picture? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

While our visit to Butchart Gardens was complimentary, you can rest assured that my thoughts, opinions, and findings are my own as always. 


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  • So beautiful!! I've been amazed, jealous and impressed by how colorful Vancouver Island is already. It is nice to look at this while I'm still waiting for my trees to bloom here in Rhode Island. - Reply

    • Yes, it's indeed beautiful. But if I'm not mistaken, I believe you beat us on the beauty of Autumn. I want to get out east one of these years to see the leaves change colours. If you can, you should come out west and it here in the's stunning. -g - Reply

  • Now that is truly beautiful. I'm just emailing this to my mum, she loves places like this, and I can't blame her. Wonderful pictures! :) - Reply

    • Thanks for sharing with your mum. I'm sure she'll enjoy it too. When you decide to visit Vancouver Island, you should check it out. ...and who knows? you could bring your mum too. :) -g - Reply