Breathtaking Views From The Top Of Mount Maxwell

Put your hiking boots away and literally drive to the top of Mount Maxwell. The tallest point on all of Salt Spring with breathtaking panoramic views.

We stood at the edge of the cliff in awe as we looked out over the surrounding Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island from the tallest point on all of Salt Spring.

Blue skies, glistening water, and nothing but beautiful panoramic views as far as the eye can see. And my eye could see pretty far.

Can you spot Gretta and the kids in the featured picture above? Puts things into perspective, eh? 

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When visiting Salt Spring Island, this is a mountain top experience you won’t want to miss.

Did you leave your hiking boots at home? Don’t own any? No worries… this provincial park has a road literally to the tip top of Mount Maxwell.

However, if you have a low rider vehicle it may not be the best choice to snake up this steep, narrow and bumpy mountain road. If it’s winter, you’ll be better off in a 4×4. If it’s a rental you’re driving, have at ‘er and just motor on through.

This gravel road is your fast track to the top, so don’t grumble too much as you bounce over the pot holes. And really… it’s not that bad, I took my family mini-van because that’s how the Traveling Islanders roll.

There are plenty of hiking paths out there in the world where you have to work for your view, but thankfully this is not one of them. What would have taken hours and hours with our kids in tow, was instead a mere 15 minutes.

We saw plenty of seniors at the top as well which warmed my heart a little to be honest… There aren’t too many mountains in the Vancouver Island area that provide wheel chair access to a cliff’s edge at the summit of a mountain.

If you are anything like I am, being at the top of Mount Maxwell surrounded by beauty will give you the urge to go hiking.

Especially if you feel like you cheated by driving to the top!

There’s no need to worry though; this Provincial Park has plenty of walking and hiking trails with spectacular views throughout. In fact there are 6 km of maintained trails with varying degrees of difficulty that all begin at the parking lot.

Head to the north and you’ll be hiking among the giants in the wooded area of old-growth Douglas fir trees. Our favourite was the hike to the east along the ridge of Mount Maxwell taking in superb views at various points.

When you reach Baynes Peak, Salt Spring Island’s highest point, you’ll be able to see Vancouver Island, the surrounding Gulf Islands and even all the way to the lower mainland of British Columbia!

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Everyone on Salt Spring Island knows about Mount Maxwell and how to get there, so you can just ask around or here are the Google Map Directions to Mount Maxwell.

Happy hiking! Or mini-van mountain driving, depending how you roll.

Here’s the Mount Maxwell Provincial Park Map. 

Looking for more things to do on Salt Spring?

The Gulf Islands are one of the top destinations in the whole world for ocean kayaking. Head on down the mountain to Ganges Harbour for a kayak tour. 

Cusheon Lake Resort was perfect for our slowdown family vacation. Now you have a place to stay and two activities. A Salt Spring Island vacation is in the making!


  • That view is just awesome. We have driven up there twice now. Usually we get our lunch at the market then take it up there to eat. It's got to be one of my favourite places ever! - Reply

    • That sounds so lovely. Are you from Salt Spring Island or do you just visit often? - Reply

  • Hi Jay We were disappointed by the road, and we couldn’t reach the top.. the road was getting worst the More we drive... We tried but what if something breaks in the car?! How on earth will be able to get back down!? And which tow truck will go up there?? Specially when you plan a day trip from Vancouver.. There should be clearer warning signs to let people know before they head up.. and definitely only 4x4 OFF-ROAD trucks... Safety comes first.. OR the road should be paved properly.. Glad that you and others managed and enjoyed the mountain.. but not us... Thanks hope someone in salt Spring address the issue and do something about it.. We really were looking forward to enjoy it.. - Reply