A Romantic Night Out At Clive’s Classic Lounge

Our cocktails arrived and after one sip we knew instantly why everyone loves a special night out at this very special Victoria cocktail lounge.

You just have to include a night out at a Victoria cocktail lounge as part of your romantic getaway.

They make it look so easy.

A shake here.

A quick pour there.

And follow it all up with a twist of lemon.

But my best efforts at home pale in comparison to what the mixologists at Clive’s Classic Lounge produce.

Come on inside with us at Clives Classic Cocktail Lounge!

Our friendly server approached the table to take our order. Jay looked up and said “what do you recommend for the person who has no idea what to order but loves cocktails?”

Instead of laughing at us for not knowing, he walked us through some options and got a feel for the type of drinks we like.

Sometimes when looking at an extensive drink menu at a Victoria cocktail lounge it’s hard to know where to start. But not at Clive’s. Our expert server could ‘read’ us. In a matter of moments, he knew just what to bring.

This multiple international award-winning Victoria cocktail lounge not only offers the classics, they continually invent new drinks. And if they can’t find the exact flavour they’re looking for, they find a way to craft it themselves.

Clives Classic Lounge, Chateau Victoria, Victoria Cocktail lounge
Covid-19 – We felt very safe and comfortable during our time at Clives and our whole Chateau Victoria romantic getaway. The staff were excellent and always had masks on.

While we waited, our conversation and connection was so easy and fun. Our Chateau Victoria romantic getaway was just getting started. It didn’t take long for the busyness of home life, work, and parenting to melt away and be replaced with the simplicity of ‘just us.’

Clives Classic Lounge has as a warm, relaxed atmosphere. With staff who really understand the history behind cocktails, they take pride in offering quality drinks to every customer.

I saw it as drinks arrived to various tables. The staff here are creative masters and you can tell they love their jobs.

Victoria Cocktail lounge, Clives Classic Lounge, Chateau Victoria

Our cocktails arrived and after one sip we knew our server nailed it.

Clives is a perfect choice to end your evening. With a comprehensive cocktail menu along with a few fantastic food options, this lounge delivers a completely wonderful experience.

Chateau Victoria, Clives Classic Lounge, Victoria Cocktail lounge
We shared the bison sliders which tantalized our tastebuds and helped complete the evening.

Whether you’re enjoying a girls’ night out or a romantic evening like us, you’ll find the ideal location to relax and enjoy the people around you at Clive’s Classic Lounge.

Since Clive’s is right off the lobby of Chateau Victoria and we were staying upstairs in a romantic suite it was so nice to simply slip away and continue our evening.

Chateau Victoria was a perfect choice for our romantic getaway since it has an award winning cocktail lounge, top rated restaurant with sunset views that can’t be beat and the proximity to Victoria Harbour is ideal. In fact, we walked from the hotel to our whale watching tour and ocean kayaking is just a stroll away as well.

Clives Classic Lounge, Chateau Victoria

Clives Classic Lounge At Chateau Victoria

Website: clivesclassiclounge.com

Cocktail & Food Menu

email: [email protected]

Phone: 250-361-5684

Directions to Clives Classic Lounge in the lobby of Chateau Victoria

Chateau Victoria

The Chateau Victoria provides spacious and affordable accommodation in the heart of downtown Victoria. Suites are our specialty! With such a wide selection of rooms and suites, exceptional customer service, and convenient downtown location, we’re confident you’ll enjoy your stay at Chateau Victoria. Traveling Islanders have been here. Ask us! 

While we did receive a gift card to try our Clives Classic Cocktail Lounge our thoughts and opinions are our own as always. We can’t wait to have another evening out at Clives or another award winning Victoria cocktail lounge.