Victoria Harbour Kayaking Adventure

The stress just melted away as we paddled along the coast line. A Victoria Harbour Kayaking excursion was the perfect way to start our romantic weekend.

It was a perfect, sunny fall day. We needed a fun activity for our Chateau Victoria romantic getaway.

This beautiful city on Vancouver Island is rated one of Canada’s top romantic cities and it’s easy to see why. Victoria’s harbour alone provides ample opportunity for romance.

Whether walking beside the harbour or gliding on the water in an ocean kayak, it’s perfect for lovely memory-making.

We chose to rent a double kayak with Ocean River Sports and ventured out onto the water for our Victoria Harbour Kayaking excursion.

Victoria harbour is often buzzing with activity. Sea planes, ferries, water taxis, whale-watching tours, and more travel upon the water. Joining them as we paddle along is surprisingly relaxing.

There’s a gentle rhythm that comes with paddling together in a kayak. It’s romantic in itself.

As the birds soar overhead and the water ripples beneath, all the cares and worries of the day just seem to melt away.

Victoria Harbour Sea Kayaking with
Victoria Harbour Kayaking, Victoria Kayaking, Vancouver Island Kayaking

It didn’t matter that we had very little experience in ocean kayaks. Ocean River Sport gave us a quick tutorial, handed us a map and described some must-see places.

With a wave, we set out in exploration of the harbour. It was magnificent Victoria Harbour sea kayaking day.

As we paddled, we saw Victoria from a whole new perspective.

It was peaceful.

We watched lovers walk beside the water. We viewed children tossing rocks and others sitting on benches enjoying their lunch. The sun sparkled as we traveled the shoreline in search of some promised sea life.

Victoria Harbour Kayaking, Victoria Kayaking, Vancouver Island Kayaking

And it didn’t take long to find it.

We rounded the bend and there, just before us, sat two seals basking in the sun’s warmth.

We quickly discovered the best things about kayaking. If you’ve never been, you soon realize that a kayak brings you closer to everything you want to see.

Seals pop their heads out of the water often to see what’s going on. They’re cute and curious. But in a kayak, we saw them just a few feet away.

Victoria Harbour Kayaking, Victoria Kayaking, Vancouver Island Kayaking
Victoria Harbour Kayaking, Victoria Kayaking, Vancouver Island Kayaking

Definitely a highlight of our Victoria Harbour kayaking adventure.

Some call the tandem kayak the ‘divorce boat.’ Two people trapped in one self-propelled craft with differing ideas of where to go and what to see.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience some frustration sharing a kayak.

Victoria Harbour Kayaking, Victoria Kayaking, Vancouver Island Kayaking

But the benefits far outweigh any frustration I felt.

When I tired from paddling, Jay was there to keep going. We worked together to reach our goals. We enjoyed the same views. All that we experienced, we did together.

It made for the perfect romantic excursion on the water.

Kayaking with Ocean River Sports perfectly started our Chateau Victoria romantic getaway. Whether you rent a kayak or hire a guide for a few hours, the experience is quite memorable and special.

We stayed at Chateau Victoria during our Victoria romantic getaway and highly recommend staying in a suite and enjoying their Vista 18 restaurant along with Clives Classic Cocktail Lounge.

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• If you are looking for another adventure on the water during your romantic weekend getaway be sure to look into Victoria Whale Watching with Prince Of Whales!

• We received a parking ticket because we went over our 2 hour limit… be sure to plan ahead with enough time to walk from a parkade and save yourself the pain. Or better yet stay at a hotel within walking distance and leave your vehicle there.

• There are two pubs dockside that we haven’t tried yet but have come highly recommended. Stop in for a drink or a meal before or after your Victoria Harbour Kayaking tour.

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While our experience with Ocean Rivers was complimentary our thoughts and opinions are our own as always.