Confessions Of A Man’s Spa Day at Sante Spa

Did my experience at Sante Spa convert me into a spa guy? This is my confession and I’m sticking to it.

Sante Spa is located 20 minutes outside of downtown Victoria at Bear Mountain Resort.

Did my experience at Sante Spa convert me into a spa guy?

Well, that’s an interesting question considering my only spa experience up to the point of walking into Sante Spa was a 10 minute massage I once received by a relative, and I didn’t even take off my shirt. Yes, it is fair to say I have an aversion to people who are not my wife rubbing and touching my skin with oil.

So how do you suppose I ended up on a Full Experience Sante Spa Day you might ask… I was tricked!

No, that’s not true. My curiosity got the better of me! I hope to one day explore every inch of Vancouver Island, and the land of Spa’s must be fully explored and my findings revealed to you.

When I first started talking to my friends at Sante Spa about making a visit, I thought Gretta would be having a girls’ day at the Spa with a friend.

That’s what happens at spas after all, right?

It’s where girls go to get away…where nails get polished, bodies get waxed, where girly smells permeate throughout and exotic oil concoctions flow as freely as waterfalls. Oh how times have changed my friends. If there was ever a time when men weren’t allowed in these seemingly exclusive girl-only relaxation and pampering clubs, that day is long gone.

Did I go to Sante Spa alone? Nope… it was way better than that!

I took my best friend, love of my life, Gretta. It was a couple’s spa day for us and there was no way Gretta was going to be left out of this adventure. I was happy for it too! It made EVERYTHING that much better.

Sante Spa Couples Spa

As I was trying to envision what our day would look like together, I pictured, well nothing. I had nothing to draw from.

Actually that’s not exactly true come to think about it. I have a travel blogger friend who recently experienced a traditional hammam, otherwise known as a Turkish bath, in Istanbul! The story goes she was met by a very large, half-naked, well endowed Turkish masseuse lady in only bikini bottoms who barked out “No bathing suits, wear nothing.”

Oh how I am VERY thankful my first spa day wasn’t in Istanbul!

Here in North America our approach is a little different.
sante spa lunch 2

Here is what I was told instead by Sante Spa:

“Upon arrival we will provide you with a secure locker and robe and sandals to change into.  Prior to your treatment we will take a lunch order for you that will arrive after your treatment.  During your spa visit you are welcomed to enjoy our spa amenities, steam room, sauna and outdoor mineral pool, so we suggest bringing a bathing suit.”

Yeah! They told me to bring a bathing suit!

Once I read what our ‘Treatment’ was… I knew this Sante Spa Day may very well turn me into a ‘Spa Guy’.

“Couples Coast to Clouds Escape
Unwind together with a refreshing foot soak in front of the fireplace in our Crystal Suite. Continue your experience with a rejuvenating full body exfoliation followed by a Citrus Soak in the jetted soaking tub. After your soak, slip away to the clouds with a full body relaxation massage using a rich body moisturizer.”

The “Couples Coast to Clouds Escape” lasted a full two hours. Right around the ten minute mark I was well into the clouds. We loved every minute of it as we enjoyed the whole experience together. I really wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. 

While the couple’s treatment was two hours long, we spent a lot longer than that at Sante Spa.

Once you enter into a full state of relaxation and have escaped to the clouds… from experience it is very difficult to float back down, so plan to spend as much time as you can at Sante Spa before and after your treatment.

We enjoyed the steam room, the sauna, the mineral pool, the lounge chairs, the light lunch, the chocolate snacks and the 5 star golf club bathroom. Guys, they had a poker table room in the bathroom with a flatscreen tv! Sante Spa is modern, comfortable, and the staff was excellent.

Sante Spa Pool

On the way out, one of the Sante Spa staff mentioned to me that men really love pedicures and I should consider coming back for one. Maybe I will, just maybe I will. First I have to read up on what a pedicure is.

That’s my confession and I’m sticking to it.

Men, surprise your lady with a Couple’s Sante Spa Day if you are vacationing in Victoria, BC. Or for islanders, this is a perfect staycation couple’s getaway. For more info on Sante Spa, visit their website. 

Are you a SPA guy or gal? Do Tell! Start The ball rolling in the comment section below.

Whistler by train

While our experience at Sante Spa was complimentary, you can rest assured that our thoughts, opinions, and findings are our own as always.



  • Good on you for giving this a go! I wish more guys visited spas. Nowadays it's not girly at all to pamper yourself and there are heaps of treatments designed specifically with men in mind. I used to be a massage therapist so doing that taught me that that relaxation is universal and everybody loves to have a chill out! :) Yes, it can be a little odd to have a stranger being that intimate with you but in most Western countries professionalism is supreme and therapists get very strict training in exactly how to protect the client's privacy in terms of draping the towels, or obtaining informed consent when massaging certain areas, etc. I hope you go back to get another spa treatment again! - Reply

    • Yes, Karyn, it definitely takes some getting used to, but the professionalism makes a difference for sure. I can't wait to go again! - Reply

  • Glad you gave it a try. It looks amazing! - Reply

  • Looks like a fun day! And believe me, Turkey is baptism by fire. As are Germany and Austria (everyone is naked!!!). - Reply

    • I loved your Instanbul story and getting naked in public! I laughed and laughed some more. Baptism by fire indeed! Made for a great adventure though! - Reply