Dayliner Café • An Unassuming Local Gem

The Dayliner Café on Vancouver island has hit the jackpot with this unsuspecting, quaint oasis. It humbly boasts a welcoming atmosphere, service and quality food & drink all wrapped up in an idealic location.

Written By: Adventurous Annabelle – Traveling Islanders Guest Blogger
Traveling Companion: Gretta Kennedy, Traveling Islanders

Dayliner Café is in Mid-Vancouver Island right outside Chemainus  • Location of Dayliner Café

I hail from the land of sheep, greenery, beaches, and coffee snobs.

In my time since moving to Canada I have been on an endeavour to find cafés which carry a relaxed but unique style with brilliant coffee that New Zealand has mastered. You will rarely find me drinking instant (drip) coffee but often enjoying an espresso. And I am extremely judgmental as I drink that cup of goodness.

There are three key elements for me in a good restaurant/café: Atmosphere, Service and Quality.

The Dayliner Café on Vancouver island has hit the jackpot with this unsuspecting, quaint oasis. It humbly boasts a welcoming atmosphere, service and quality food & drink all wrapped up in an idyllic location.

Set on a country road just outside of Chemainus, you won’t find many tourists at The Dayliner Café. This gem, though a bit off the beaten path, will be sure to make you feel lost in time.

My dinner with Gretta of Traveling Islanders passed without us noticing we hit the 3-hour mark. Being hurried along so your table is free is not a concept here.

We were welcome to take our time and this relaxed approach made it all the more enjoyable. Looking around the clean cut lines and tastefully decorated indoor area is inviting for both the day time and the Bistro evenings.

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The bistro-style evenings are something to be experienced multiple times. Every week The Dayliner Café offers a new menu with the best of what is available locally.

With four main dishes to choose from, your taste buds will be enhanced by the local flavours so expertly put together. All their produce, wines and beers are hand picked from local suppliers, encouraging the local economy – this only increases the quality of their food.

The duck and tiger shrimp were exquisite, but you’ll have to come for yourself as I don’t know what’s on the menu for next week.

In fact, that’s one of the beautiful qualities about The Dayliner Café, the exceptional food that is constantly changing keeps the locals coming back for more.

Dayliner Cafe, Chemainus Restaurant, Vancouver Island cafe, Cafe, dinner, coffee

Dayliner cafe ChemainusAfter only frequenting The Dayliner Café a couple times, they remembered my face and always with a smile welcomed me back. Eager to please but also happy to leave me to enjoy, the team takes pride in their work and their attention to detail adds to the relaxed and comfortable experience.

As I sit on the porch at The Dayliner Café with my pot of tea after an incredible brunch, I overhear a woman saying “being here is like being on vacation” and I whole-heartedly agree.

Ordering at the counter, the food and coffee arrive to your table, allowing you to enjoy free of menus, bills, and overly repetitive servers.

Dayliner Bistro, Dauliner Cafe, Chemainus restaurant, cafe, Vancouver Island

To go with great food, the coffee is something to be noted. Many coffees in Canada seem to be either too bitter or too sweet but these guys know their stuff. The coffee came at the right temperature, no burnt beans here! Even for a coffee, I would go out of my way to pick up an espresso from here.

This little cafe, quickly becoming a must-do cafe for all, truly is like stepping out of time.

Vancouver Island Cafe, Bistro, Chemainus, Cafe, Chemainus Restaurant, Chemainus Cafe

With a grassy area for kids to play, or dinner with a special someone, Dayliner is your spot.

Five minutes from Chemainus, I have found myself in a place that values enjoying life at a slower, more refined pace. You can look around and see each detail from food to decor is created for the customer’s enjoyment. Come, eat, drink and don’t be rushed as you enjoy this slice of bliss.

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While our dining experience at the Dayliner Café was complimentary, you can rest assured that my thoughts, opinions, and findings are our own as always.


  • I will make it a point to get there this summer on a sit outside kind of day. Sounds peaceful. - Reply

    • It was very peaceful, and just a lovely time. A nice summer outside kind of day is perfect for the Dayliner. Let us know what you think! - Reply