Vancouver Island is truly Canada’s Hawaii!

You have to see it.To believe it. Tofino, BC is an absolute must on any Vancouver Island vacation.

Whether you are thinking about a “staycation” or visiting from near and far… Tofino, BC is an absolute must on any Vancouver Island vacation!

Just look around. Tofino will captivate your every sense.

“It’s the feeling of peace you get from gazing at the calm inside waters of Clayoquot Sound.  It’s the bobbing heads of hooded surfers braving legendary swells on endless beaches.  It is food so fresh that you often pass it on your morning stroll.  It’s muted silver skies ushering in brilliant coloured horizons just for you, or it seems.

It’s salt bathed streets scattered with restaurants, galleries, and resorts constructed in true West Coast fashion. It’s living history nestled into surreal landscapes: this is Tofino, and you have to see it to believe it.” From the Tourism Tofino Website

Video via: Destination BC •

Featured Image: Tourism Tofino

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