Girls-only road trip with Adventurous Annabelle! (Guest Blogger)

The Oregon Coast is world renowned for road tripping, and it did not disappoint! Ever been “glamping” before?

Adventurous Annabelle 2 
 Adventurous Annabelle – I’m a 25 year old Kiwi (New Zealander) living the dream in Canada: always keen for the next adventure to see and experience everything I can! I have a passion for travel, hitting up all corners of the world. Come along on my adventures as I share the tips and tickles and inspire you young single women out there to travel and travel more often! I’m also a Traveling Islander!
(Photo taken outside Nelson Mandela’s home in Soweto, South Africa a day after he passed)
The Oregon road trip story – It all started in a spontaneous breakfast outing for myself and my two roommies. They jumped on me at 8am on my day off exclaiming that we just HAD to go out for breakfast right now… I could only oblige with much enthusiasm like girls do.At this breakfast, we came up with the budding idea for a road trip before my incredibly busy job got a little (I mean a lot) more frantic for the next 6 months over the summer. Let’s hit the road!With a plan formulated to hit all the ultimate spots we could, 10 days later we were on our way. Destination for this girl’s road trip: Oregon!We are three girls who pack every moment to it fullest, so at 4pm Thursday we were on the road with 8.5 hours driving ahead of us. Our enthusiasm was noticeable, resulting in significant lip-syncing, and a confused border guard who couldn’t decide between keeping us from entering into the USA and wanting to join us on our grand adventure… of course we had presented our itinery, complete with stick figures!Get ready to read about my funniest board crossing experience ever – At the border, we get pulled over for inspection inside… I don’t know why?! We are of course a little giddy as this is the beginning of our road trip.Border guard: “Why are y’all smiling so much.”
My friend Christy: “I graduated today! I’m kind of on a high!” (immediately realize that was a terrible choice of words)
Border guard: “High on what?”
My friend Christy: “Oh no! High on life! Only on the love of Jesus!”This was one of those times where we laughed until our side hurt after it was all over! I love my friend Christy.

Oregon Coast Highway 101 edit

Oregon Coast highway 101 Traveling IslandersThe beautiful Oregon Coast Highway 101 with 1st class ocean views! 

I have MANY a story to share about this trip – I could tell you about the captivating old-fashioned Oregon Coast lighthouse we explored, or the beautiful walks we had on the majestic never-ending sandy beaches, our time in Portland, or even the fat seals we saw basking in the sunlight almost sinking a dock! But instead I will tell you about two of my most favourite highlights from this amazing trip!

Being a kiwi, every moment was a great opportunity for exploring, trying to understand the American country-folk’s accent as well as the hipsters Portland is famous for. After 8.5 hours of driving, 2 pounds of wings, 3 food trucks in Portland, and some dodgy gas stops, we reached Cape Lookout National Park on Oregon’s Central Coast. This is a must-see.

We didn’t tent camp like expected but rather went “glamping”. Glamerous Camping…who knew something called a ‘yurt’ existed! A yurt is an incredibly beautiful little cabin-like structure. Since we didn’t arrive until 2am, the campground host left a lamp on inside as well as the heating (oh yes, camping with heating! – I have finally figured out a way to take my mother camping!). We were amazed to wake up in the morning and discover we were right next to the beach! If you aren’t a big camper or don’t have the equipment, this is definitely the way to go…also perfect if you have little kids. You get a little campfire to cook with and the toilets and showers are close by. At only $40 per night per yurt, this is such an affordable way to see the country and all you need is bedding. Such a great nights sleep too, I loved breathing in the fresh ocean air!

Yurt Oregon Traveling Islanders

Yurt Traveling Islanders 2Our cozy and warm oceanside yurt!

And now for my second big highlight of the road trip that is an absolute must – sand dune riding!! Yes you may be pushed out of your comfort zone, but you’ve got to give it a shot. If you don’t know what dune buggying is, just picture a cage with 4 wheels strapped to it and a rocket on the back! On the outskirts of the coastal town of Florence, you’ll find these beautiful albeit massive sand dunes as far as the eye can see teaming with adventure. For only $55 each for an hour we took the buggy ‘fast’ trip with a local sand duning guide company. Our buggy could fit 11 people max, going upwards of 100km/hr. Some of this was out of my comfort zone a little which made it all the more adventurous. Our driver strapped me into my seat as we waited for some other passengers; the only problem was then I couldn’t get away.  I probably should have listened to “Magic Mike” our driver when he said he was an ex-cop and has a lot of experience, because then maybe I would have trusted and relaxed a little more.

ORegon Dune Buggy 1 Traveling Islanders

As we went out onto the sand dunes, I was astounded by how many there were; they seemed to go on forever. For the first 30 minutes we raced around the sand dunes at full speed, often approaching dunes that took us on a rollercoaster ride: vertically, horizontally and diagonally. My only problem: I forgot to breathe…  I was enjoying this adventure, but held onto the roll cage with white knuckles the whole time. I was so terrified that nausea set in. Obviously I had become“that person” on the trip as “Magic Mike” offered me his white paper bag should I need it. Being the stubborn kiwi girl I am, I declined. Despite this, I have to say I have no regrets and would highly recommend this experience. Safety was not an issue at all. The incredible view on top of a sand dune 400m above sea level is breath-taking – especially after you’ve just driven up its vertical side! Driving next to the sea as well as pushing the limits in the sand, made this a easy highlight of my trip. Tips for dune bugging: dress warm, expect to get sand everywhere and don’t be surprised if you find sand in your hair several days later as well as some other unexpected places! This is an experience not to miss!

dune buggie Oregon Traveling Islanders

I fell in love with the Oregon coast; its beauty left me in awe, with stunning weather and an abundance of places to explore. For a girls’ road trip down for 4 days it was perfect… a safe area with plenty to do. Each little fishing town along the coast has friendly locals who will direct you to fantastic places to eat – a shout out to the Yachite’s at the Driftwood Inn who were a favorite for food and live music in Yachat!

We laughed till our sides hurt, ate like queens, sung like divas, took enough “selfie’s” to satisfy, explored and experienced. The Oregon coast put on its best for us, leaving us tired, but extremely pleased that a great holiday was achieved.

And for just a little more fun… I’ll end with this picture of a few locals hanging out on the dock. I told you they almost sunk it! 

Oregon seals Traveling Islanders

Do you have any Oregon Coast adventures that are a must do? Comment below.


  • Our favorite subject! Time for another road trip, girls! You missed the fabulous north Oregon coast, one of the best spots on the coast! From the vintage goodies and painted ladies of Astoria down to the beautiful south Tillamook county area, you can't beat this stretch of the beach. Of course our favorite is the charming Manzanita area. Spectacular views can't be beat. Food choices are incredible. Stores are creative and independent. And accommodations run the gamut from camping at Nehalem Bay State Park, a great selection of vacation rentals such as The Houses on Manzanita Beach at and terrific traditional motel and hotels. Time to pack up and head north for another taste of the Oregon coast! - Reply

    • That's one of the things we love about the Oregon Coast! There is just so much to do. Thank you for the ideas for our next trip. And yep, I think you're right. It just might be time to pack our bags for Oregon again. :) -g - Reply

  • May I use one of your photos from the Oregon Coast trip for my webpages and if so how would you like me to acknowledge the photo? Thank you - Reply

    • Hi Janet! Which one would you like to use. A hyperlink to works for me. Just want to double check which picture first. Thanks for asking. Jay - Reply