How To Have A Memorable Holiday When Travelling With Tots

Travelling with young kids is exciting and rewarding, but you can’t deny it can also be a bit stressful. Here are 5 top tips that are sure to help!

Note: This is a contributed article from 1Cover

To have a memorable holiday, you’ve got to plan it well to ensure you’re well prepared for whatever your next adventure throws at you. After all, tots are full of surprises.

We’ve gathered five top tips that’ll help you make happy memories on your holiday. Check them out:

1. Think carefully about the location

Not all destinations are child-friendly. Your best bet is to do some research and find places that are popular with families. In this kids travel guide there are some great suggestions – starting with resorts that cater for families like the Caribbean, Florida (did someone say Disneyland?), the Mediterranean, or the Gold coast of Australia.

In these places, you’ll find kids clubs where your toddler can meet new friends, kids’ pools, activities and child-friendly entertainment. Alternatively, sightseeing city breaks can be equally enjoyable when you mix in a few museums and amusement parks. What’s more, they’re guaranteed to tire out the most energetic of toddlers.

2. Check out the reviews

When you’ve got a few places in mind, you should seek out some online reviews. Bloggers and review sites are a good place to start. A quick search and you’ll turn up some honest assessments of what a resort or location is like for families. Of course, you can’t completely trust everything you read – so take exaggerated reviews with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, checking out other people’s memories will be helpful to narrow your initial choices down.

3. Think about comfort

Once you’ve chosen your destination and checked out online reviews, you’ve got to book and get there. Whether you’re travelling by plane, car or train, comfort should be your priority. No-one will judge you for dressing your little ones for comfort, not style. It’s even a good idea to take a pillow with you so they can drift off. If you know your kids aren’t likely to sleep, Skyscanner recommend packing a portable DVD player or tablet and some surprise toys to keep them amused.

4. Get everyone involved in planning activities

To get everyone in your family involved in your holiday planning, you should talk about the key attractions and find out what excites them most. Would they like to go to the water park? What about the local animal attractions? Or perhaps they just love taking a bucket and spade to the beach? The best way of creating life-long family memories is getting everyone involved in planning activities that interest them.

5. Remember a camera

For memories you can reflect on in years to come, remember to take a camera to capture your favourite moments together. You could even give your toddlers their own robust, child-friendly camera for some unique photo opportunities This blogger says it’s a great way of encouraging them to observe their surroundings and focus on what interests them. More than anything, though, “you might be surprised at the results from their knee-high view.”

What tips do you have for travelling with youngsters? Share your tips for creating happy memories with us.