Reignite The Fire At The Inn At Laurel Point

We found another fabulous Victoria hotel, right in the harbour of Victoria with beautiful ocean views . The Inn At Laurel Point was the perfect location for our romantic getaway!

Every time we go on a romantic getaway, I scream out “WHY, oh WHY don’t we do this more often!”

I love my kids, but wow, does it ever feel good to just be the two of us.

The euphoric feeling of reigniting a far distant memory of a time gone by when we were dating. But on a romantic getaway everything is super charged because of the extended time.

We had been looking forward to this romantic getaway to Victoria for quite some time. Our destination was the Inner Harbour of Victoria and our hotel for the night, The Inn At Laurel Point.

Inn At Laurel Point, Victoria, Victoria accommodations, Laurel Point
Photo: Inn At Laurel Point

Picking your Victoria hotel on a romantic getaway is the most important decision you will make in your pre-planning for this very special time away in Victoria.

I always cringe when I hear that horror story of a romantic getaway gone wrong because of the hotel. How do you avoid getting it wrong? Well, just follow our blog experiences whenever you can and judge for yourself. Romantic getaways for busy parents are so few and far between, we want to help you get it right every time.

Here are five reasons why this Victoria hotel deserves five shining stars from the Traveling Islanders:

Inn At Laurel Point Location & View 

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The Inn at Laurel Point is exactly that. It is positioned right on one of the most beautiful parts of the harbour on a coveted point. In our case, we could look out one side of our balcony and see the gorgeous Victoria Inner Harbour. We could also turn around and look the other way for another ocean view!

The double ocean view at this Victoria hotel was jaw dropping as we took in the sunrise in the morning on one side and the sunset in the evening on the other.

Very unique.

We personally like to stay at places where we are close to all the action, but not so close we can’t get away. The Inn At Laurel Point fit that perfectly.

Just a five minute walk to downtown Victoria and the Inner Harbour, the Inn felt like a protective oasis just far enough away to give us that relaxing quiet.

We unintentionally parked our car 2 minutes away from the hotel to visit the Inner Harbour, not realizing we were two turns away from our hotel!

The Staff & Service

The moment we walked into the lobby we were greeted by friendly, courteous and professional guest services staff.  We opted for the valet service, but this wasn’t any old valet service. After being shown to our room, I mentioned to Gretta that I forgot my flip flops in the car.

Well, just as soon as it came out of my mouth a staff member said it would be taken care of. Within 5 minutes, there was a knock at the door and in the bellman’s hands were my flip flops. Now that’s crazy 5 star service!

From the front desk, to the bell man, the hotel Aura restaurant staff and everything in between we were treated like royalty at this Victoria hotel.

The Dining – Aura Restaurant

Inn at laurel point, victoria accommodations, Aura restaurant Inn at laurel point, victoria accommodations, Aura restaurant

We have all done it at one point or another: got a baby-sitter and rushed off for a quick evening date and maybe taken in an overpriced movie. You end the night feeling somewhat satisfied, but you feel bloated and a little guilty from eating too much at dinner.

The movie was good you think to yourself… but you really don’t feel that much closer with your significant other.

Isn’t there a better way?

Our evening out at Aura Restaurant was like a dream. We were seated on the patio with a majestic view of the harbour off in the distance. We were given a blanket for our laps to keep warm, and the night was ours. Nowhere to rush off to, no one to get back to, it was just the two of us. What happened next would be accurately described as a true “dining experience”.

We didn’t just have a meal… it was an experience.

We arrived for our 5:30pm reservation and ended dinner 3 hours later! Never in my life have I ever had such a wonderful dining experience. You might wonder what we did for 3 hours… well I can tell you we never looked at our watches once and had no idea 3 hours had passed. It was so good that we dedicated a whole other blog post to our evening, appropriately titled: “Aura Restaurant – Not your typical date night!”

The waitress, Suzanne, and our host, Robin, were more than delightful. The h’ordeuvers, the main course, the dessert, the beverages, ALL of it was more than spectacular. It was perfect.

Tip: Don’t just go in for a quick bite to eat. Make it your whole evening and order in such a way to have a dining experience like we did. Spend a little more, skip the movie, and you will feel absolutely satisfied.

Inn At Laurel Point Executive Suite

Inn at laurel point, Victoria best accomodations

When we walked in we had a chocolate delicacy waiting for us and a very nice welcome card from the hotel. We both love those kinds of nice surprise touches. I just have to let the pictures speak for themselves, it was soooooo nice.

We loved the balcony, oh and the very comfy bed with a view of the harbour… and the BATHROOM!

Yes, I admit… I am guilty of walking around the house brushing my teeth because I get bored staring at my face in the bathroom. That was NOT a problem with this bathroom at all.

You will be hard pressed to find a bathroom with a better view!

We know that everyone won’t be able to stay in the Executive Suite, and the hotel knows this as well. There are many fabulous options to choose from at The Inn At Laurel Point, and there looks to be something that will fit most budgets.

We can’t comment on every accommodation level personally, but you can go online to their website to see a plethora of options. We recommend the Erickson wing, which is their newly renovated section of the hotel.

The Overall Feel Of The Inn At Laurel Point

Inn at laurel point, victoria accommodations, Aura restaurant
Photo: Inn At Laurel Point

We were impressed with The Inn At Laurel Point at ever turn.

The modern feel of the hallways, lobby, elevator. Well, the everything. The newly added section of the hotel is exquisite. The Japanese Garden off of the corridor to our room. This Victoria hotel was perfect for our romantic getaway, and we have no issues whatsoever recommending it to you on your Vancouver Island getaway.

What are you waiting for? Go have a romantic getaway of your very own, it’s been too long.

Inn At Laurel Point

Phone: 1-250-386-8721
email: [email protected]

Directions To The Inn At Laurel Point:


  • First of all heart is smiling cause you and your hubby are making the time to put your marriage a priority!! So great to reconnect like this in our busy lives! Secondly...i want a bathroom view like that!! - Reply

    • Yes, Lorraine, this was an exceptional getaway for us. I'm thankful we were able to take it. And that view?! I just stood there and stared. What a bathroom! - Reply