Jasper Inn & Suites • Our Mountain Escape

This Jasper hotel has it all with on-site dining, sauna, steam room, pool and hot tub. You’ll never believe what we ate for dinner! When in Alberta…

We stepped off the train and took it all in. We were in the world famous Canadian Rockies and it was beautiful.

Train station, Jasper, Canadian RockiesThe Jasper Train Station fits perfectly into this quaint Canadian Rockies Town. 

Everywhere we looked were gigantic rocky topped mountains so close we felt we could touch them.

Jasper city view, Mountains of jasper, Jasper National ParkThe view of Jasper from the top of the Jasper SkyTram. Beautiful. 

Just saying the name of the town “Jasper” communicates so much to so many.

I actually used the word “Jasperesque” when searching for a word to describe Jasper Inn & Suites newly renovated restaurant. No other word fit so perfectly.

If you’ve been to Jasper or seen a Jasper advertisement you know exactly what I mean. For those who haven’t… this article series we have undertaken on Jasper will undoubtedly give you the inspiration  you need to follow in our footsteps to this incredible Canadian location!

Once we managed to stop looking around in awe, we picked up our luggage at the train station and headed off for a short walk to the Best Western Jasper Inn & Suites.

Our mountain escape for the next two days. Why two days?

That’s when we were departing back to Vancouver on our VIA Rail Train trip through the Canadian Rockies! 

Fall walk to hotel = beautiful and easy / Winter walk to hotel = call for hotel shuttle!

I am directionally challenged, so even with my iPhone saying it was an 8 minute walk away I got us lost, but you will have no problem.

Hotels In Jasper, Jasper, Accommodations Jasper, Places to stay in JasperImages courtesy of Best Western

We have had very good experiences with Best Westerns up to this point, and what we found right away with Jasper Inn & Suites is that we stumbled upon yet another unassuming hotel gem. We love finding these types of hotels and telling you about them!

Picking your Jasper accommodation on a romantic getaway is one of the most important decisions you will make in your pre-planning for your very special time away. Choose carefully!

Here are six reasons why the Best Western Jasper Inn & Suites deserves high reviews from the Traveling Islanders:

1. The Room

We were invited to stay in one of their Maligne Suites complete with King size bed, soft seating area, gas fireplace, balcony, large sliding doors looking out over the courtyard and partial mountain view, a bathroom with a giant walk in shower and a DOUBLE Jacuzzi tub (Which we used thank you very much… but we had the water so hot we almost passed out, so it didn’t end up like many of you are thinking.)

Let’s just say we were very impressed that a Best Western had these kind of luxurious accommodations. It was perfect for our romantic getaway and so very relaxing as you can tell.

Jasper Hotels, Jasper best western, Jasper romantic suites, hotel suites, Jasper accommodation, Jasper suites

Best Western Jasper Inn and suites, Jasper Accommodations, Places to stay in JasperNo, this isn’t the hotel lobby, it’s still part of our suite!

2. Hotel Amenities

I did my research on this hotel on the Best Western website, but for some reason I missed how amazing the on-site amenities truly are. You know those little tiny pools that hotels sometimes have just to say they have a pool?

You know what I’m talking about… just big enough for you, your child and a small shitzu. Well, this was not one of those pools.

The pool area was quite large with a side kid pool area attached, and a nice big hot-tub.

Jasper hotel pool, Jasper Inn & Suites, amenities, Jasper hot tub

The area felt like a high end hotel with all the little extras. On top of that, there was a nice size steam-room and sauna. It was a fourfecta!  This is the place to be in the evenings during a winter romantic escape or relaxing after a day on the mountain.

3. Staff & Service

I walked in and was greeted by smiling and friendly guest services staff. No complaints here at all. During our whole stay we were always treated with the utmost respect and kindness. This always makes or breaks a stay at a hotel for us, and we felt right at home at Jasper Inn & Suites.

4. On-Site Dining

The Jasper Inn Restaurant had just recently gone through an upgrade and it showed. Gretta and I both noticed right away that a lot of attention to detail had gone into making this restaurant fit into the Jasper culture. We were fortunate enough to be seated right by the gas fireplace for both our dinners… oh so very nice.

Jasper, Jasper Restaurant, Jasper Dining, jasper best western,

We were pleasantly surprised that a Best Western can deliver such a high quality dining experience.

Gretta wanted to order salmon, but I wouldn’t let her. I mean come on! We are in Alberta, you can’t order salmon in Alberta.

I know we live on Vancouver Island, but when in Alberta you’ve got to order some meat.

I don’t know how, but I convinced her to order the bison meatloaf stuffed with goat cheese and smoked tomatoes and wrapped in bacon!

Let’s just say Gretta doesn’t usually order meat wrapped in meat all that often. I had some finger licking good ribs.

Both meals were absolutely delicious, but we didn’t eat breakfast or lunch the next day! Okay, I had a little breakfast… I snuck some of Gretta’s bison out of our room fridge for breakfast.

Jasper Best Western, Jasper Restaurant, Ribs in Jasper, Jasper dining

We highly recommend sharing the “Flying Bananas” for dessert. We weren’t sure at first, but wow! It was right up there as one of the top hotel desserts I have ever had.

Jasper, Jasper Desserts, Jasper dining, Jasper restaurantsDeep fried banana wrapped in a tortilla and coated in cinnamon sugar. Served with house made peanut butter and Oreo ice-cream! SO GOOD! 

Matt, the manager, was exceptional. He was so friendly and attentive to detail with not just us but every customer. We could tell he loves his job and aims to make sure every guest has a wonderful dining experience. I’m pretty picky when it comes to good customer service, and he was tops.

5. Location & Things To Do In The Area

Best Western Jasper Inn & Suites is located a few minute walk from the centre of the town of Jasper. I don’t know what it’s like to walk to town in the middle of winter, but you are within walking distance.

There is so much to do in the area, we are going to write a dedicated blog post just on Jasper activities.

For now here are three activities we enjoyed while in Jasper:

1. Jasper SkyTram & hike to the summit. This is a Jasper must! Excellent way to see the Canadian Rockies! We absolutely LOVED this adventure.

2. Glacier Skywalk – Walk on top of a cliff edge with nothing beneath you but glass! (918 feet over the valley below!)

3. Step out onto the Athabasca Glacier during the Glacier Adventure attraction. It’s a little quick and expensive for my liking, but still very cool. You ride a specially designed bus right onto a glacier and walk around for 15 minutes. If you are more of hiker, you’ll definitely want to look into the hiking option.

Things to do in Jasper, Jasper, Canadian Rockies Activities, Jasper National Park

6. Overall Feel Of The Hotel

We all know Best Westerns come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I know this isn’t a Best Western “plus” but this particular Best Western is punching way above it’s weight class as far as I’m concerned. Jasper Inn & Suites will deliver a top quality Jasper hotel experience…. especially if you stay in a suite like we did.

There you have it! Got questions? Feel free to contact us or comment below and we would be happy to honestly answer any questions about our stay.

Best Western Jasper Inn & Suites

Phone: 780-852-4461(Local)
Web: More details

If You Decide To Stay At Jasper Inn & Suites Be Sure To Check Out Best Western Special Offers & Current Promotions Before You Book!


• You’ll be surprised by how many different room options there are. We stayed in one of their Maligne Suites and it was excellent.  We have seen prices as low as $115 for a traditional room during low season and as high as $265 for the same room during the summer months. In the Fall you can stay in a very nice suite for around $250.

While our stay at Best Western Jasper Inn & Suites was complimentary, you can rest assured that our thoughts, opinions, and findings are our own as always.


  • I loved Jasper! My Dad worked as the General Manager of a Tour Company in New Zealand that did coach tours in the US and Canada for golden Oldies and there was a brochure for the Rockies that I would continually look through. I still remember the photo of Jasper: a meadow full of wildflowers backed by snow covered mountains. It was a dream come true when I finally went there in 2010. That dessert looks incredible, I love banana fritters so I am sure I would love it :) - Reply

    • I'm so glad you have experienced Jasper in all its glory. The town is so lovely in every season. And yes, the dessert was incredible! I never would have thought to put peanut butter ice cream with it, but it was perfect in every way. -g - Reply

  • Another place I'd like to get to someday. That Best Western looks so much nicer than most Best Westerns that I have experienced -- looks like a good find! - Reply

    • We were quite impressed with this Best Western. There are a wide variety of room options which is great because they can accommodate most any need. - Reply

  • The Best Western looks great! I don't often pick them, but I would consider that one. I only spent a short time in Jasper last summer but loved every second. I almost did the Glacier Adventure walk, but reluctantly passed it by because of the two things you mentioned - cost and short time on the trip. But it's a beautiful park. I'd love to spend more time there. - Reply

    • Next time you're in Jasper you really should stay at this Best Western, Amy. It's quite unassuming from the outside, and the rooms are quite comfortable. I agree that spending more time in the park is necessary. I'd like to get back there again and do some day hiking around the lakes in the town. They are just so beautiful. I've heard of people staying for a few weeks and still not getting everything in. I suppose Jasper will just do that to you. :) -g - Reply

  • Honestly, I've never heard of Jasper, but it looks AMAZING! And the hotel does also! Looks like I need to add Jasper to my bucket list. :) - Reply

    • Jasper is such a small and lovely little town. It's nestled in the Canadian Rockies and is one of the only towns in a National Park that I'm aware of. The people are quite lovely too. You'll have to visit when you go to the Canadian Rockies! -g - Reply