Jasper SkyTram Takes Us To The Top Of The Canadian Rockies!

Jasper Skytram takes us on a ride to the top of the Canadian Rockies! Picture #2 is mind boggling. 360 degrees of unbelievable, panoramic, mountain top views.


That moment. That sweet, euphoric moment when you stop, look around, take a deep breath… and realize how amazing this life memory really is.

Have you had one of those before? The kind of moment where you never want to forget because what you are experiencing is SO amazing?! Gretta and I had one just like this on our romantic getaway to Jasper in the Canadian Rockies.

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When we set off that morning for the Jasper SkyTram, we knew it was going to be a fun excursion, but we had no idea how much we would enjoy it. This is truly a “must-do” Jasper activity.

The Jasper SkyTram is an enclosed gondola that takes you into and through the clouds ALL THE WAY up to over 2,200m (7,500 feet).

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Photo courtesy of my friends at Jasper Skytram

As soon as we started up the mountain in the Jasper SkyTram I was quickly trying to take pictures of the view and the SkyTram operator said, “I can never figure out why people desperately try and take pictures out the window while going up. It’s the view at the top where you get the best shots.”

I didn’t know what he meant at the time… but that statement proved to be true!!

The view at the top was jaw dropping!

I had never seen the Canadian Rockies in this way before. The pictures are nice, but they don’t do it justice. You really need to stand where we were and have that sweet euphoric moment of your very own.

260 degrees of unbelievable, panoramic, mountain top views.

Looking back now it’s hard to believe what I saw was real. One moment I was in the parking lot at ground level and the next I was on top of the Canadian Rockies!

Jasper Activities, Jasper things to do, Jasper National Park, Jasper SkytramPhoto Courtesy of my friends at Jasper Skytram

The Jasper Skytram makes these majestic mountain views accessible to all no matter what physical condition you are in.

What would have taken hours of strenuous hiking, occurs in the blink of an eye.

The highlight of our Jasper Skytram experience came when we saw the Whistlers Summit hiking trail that would take us even higher.  Gretta and I love hiking, but we debated as to whether the hike to the top would provide any better view than we already had.

In the end we decided to go for it and set out on the well-worn trail above the tree line.

Boy, are we glad we did!

Jasper Skytram, Jasper Activities, Canadian Rockies

It seemed that with every step up the mountain the sky opened up further and we could see yet another mountain top.

The higher we went the more majestic the view, so we kept hiking higher and higher. Sometimes we were even hiking in the clouds!

As the clouds moved this way or that, we were constantly rewarded with jaw dropping 360 degree views of the Canadian Rockies!

Friends, the hike to the top is a MUST.

The elevation gain is 150 meters. It’s a 2.8 km return hike that takes about a full hour. I would plan on two though because if you are anything like us, you’ll zone out on the view or you will constantly be taking pictures.

Sure it’s a little work to get to the top of Whistlers Summit, but you just have to do it.

Whistlers summit jasper, Jasper hiking, Jasper activities

At the summit we saw a sun dial that doubled as a map and pointed out all the peaks you can see from this vantage point.

Although it was pretty hard to tell because hikers from all over the world left their mark with coins from their respective countries. We joined in of course and added ours.

Before heading back down to embark on “The Canadian” train back to Vancouver, we had a warm hot chocolate and a bite to eat in the self-serve Treeline Restaurant.

The prices seemed a little high, but where else in Jasper can you dine in the clouds?! The food was very tasty with friendly service.

Treeline Restaurant Jasper, Jasper Skytram

Feeling a little more adventurous or thrifty?

You may want to consider the Whistlers Trail. The 6.3 km trail begins in the parking lot and takes you through the different levels of mountain forests until you reach the top of the Jasper Skytram. Depending on your hiking abilities it will take about 3 hours to reach the Whistlers Summit trail.

Once at the top, you have the right to walk around feeling a little smug and proud of yourself… but I recommend doing that discretely since the SkyTram riders outnumber you and aren’t tired from hiking three hours.

Jasper Skytram

Web: Jasper SkyTram
Ticket Price: $35 for an adult •  $17.50 Youth (6-15) • Child (5 & under) Free! Family Package $87.50 (2 adults . 2 youth)
Link: How to get to Jasper SkyTram

• The Jasper SkyTram is only moments from the centre of town and is an easy shuttle ride away with Sundog Tours. They picked us up right at our Jasper hotel that morning and we were there in no time at all. No need to rent a car on this excursion. Thanks Sundog Tours!

• Perfect relaxed day trip experience. The Jasper SkyTram goes up and down every 15 minutes or so. Lots of flexibility.

• Another activity we really enjoyed in Jasper was the Glacier Skywalk! Read all about it here.  Nothing but glass and a 918ft drop!

• Read all about other Jasper Activities and avoid the stress and lines by booking before you go.

Glacier Skywalk rates, Glacier skywalk book trip

While our experience with Jasper SkyTram was complimentary, you can rest assured that our thoughts, opinions, and findings are our own as always.


  • I would love to do the Jasper SkyTram, the views look incredible. Jasper was one of my favourite parts of Canada so I will definitely be back one day - Reply

    • I agree that Jasper is absolutely fantastic and the SkyTram showcases it so beautifully. The views were seriously stunning. I'm pretty sure I'm enlarging one for my wall at home. :) -g - Reply

  • Wow that looks amazing! I would love it but my husband would never go...he has such a fear of heights. It seems like you have had so many special moments in a relatively short trip. - Reply

  • I am so jealous. This looks amazing! I didn't even know this was in Jasper. Yet another thing to add to my Jasper to do list for next year. Thanks for sharing your awesome experience guys. - Reply

    • I personally think this one is a "must do" in Jasper, Jen. You just can't get views like this anywhere else in Jasper unless you climb one of the mountains. :) I hope to hear about your experience once you go. -g - Reply

  • Wow! I've been on some tramways before but this one is amazing! I'd love to be there above the clouds, and then another time when the clouds are all clear. Thanks for this! - Reply

    • Glad you like it, Bailey. We did too. :) Even though we were there on a mostly cloudy day, the views were still stunning. The clouds move around pretty fast so the views were constantly changing. Definitely worth it. -g - Reply