Like An Ocean Wave Massage – Tofino, BC

I laid on the massage table and was swept away with the power of the “waves”. The tension in my neck, my back and even forearms was released through this incredible “Lomi Lomi”massage.

I am a mom.  I am a mom of three young kids.  I am a mom of three young kids who rarely pampers herself to anything.

In fact, my “pampering” consists of sitting in Starbucks without children, drinking an overpriced latte.  This is usually the best I can muster up for special me time.  So when my husband told me that my Mother’s Day gift this year was a 90 minute massage, I was shocked and a bit excited.

Okay, not a bit, A LOT. I have been given the gift of massage before, but never NINETY MINUTES!  Oh the joy and anticipation!

We were on a special family holiday in Tofino, BC and my husband took the kids for the afternoon so I could have some good, quality Gretta time.

I walked into Sacred Stone Spa and was warmly greeted and offered tea and water. As I sat in the comfortable, zen-like waiting room, I knew this was going to be good…they had my favourite tea on hand.  Come on, it’s the little things, people.

After a brief wait, I was greeted by Candace who took me back to my room. Oh, the room.  Just walking in, I took a deep breath and already felt myself relax a bit more.  Since I was new to her, Candace sat down with me to explain a bit of the ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi technique which she would be giving me.  This was so helpful for me.  I’ve had massages before, but never quite like this.  Lomi Lomi mimics the waves of the ocean. As waves come in sets, each wave a bit more powerful than the last, so did this massage.

I laid on the massage table and was swept away with the power of the “waves”.  The tension in my neck, my back and even forearms was released through this incredible massage.

Sacred Stone Spa Tofino 3

Yes, incredible.  Really, I’m not exaggerating.  Each “wave” went deeper and smoother into my muscles and released the tightness in a way I haven’t quite felt before.

The 90 minutes just flew by. Though I didn’t want to leave, I knew it was time to get back to my awaiting family at Tin Wis Resort.  I walked out breathing deeper and standing taller…and thanking the Hawaiians for creating such a fabulous technique and teaching it to my new best friend Candace.

If you are in Tofino and looking to pamper yourself as part of your vacation plans, check out Sacred Stone Spa.  They offer many different kids of massages as well as facials.  There is sure to be something you will love.

Men: treat your lady to this spa!  Many women struggle pampering themselves before others.  Give her the gift of relaxation.

Do you treat yourself to a massage every now and then? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Even though our experience with Sacred Stone Spa was complimentary, our thoughts, findings and opinions are our own as always. 


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  • Sounds wonderful!! I LOVE massages to! Good for you! - Reply

    • It was so great, Lorraine. I hope you're able to indulge the next time you're in Tofino too. - Reply