Westcoastees Review: The T-Shirt You Just Got To Have

When you put on a t-shirt from Westcoastees you are wearing one of the best Canadian made t-shirts there is. Islander or tourist, no matter where you’re from you’ll love these shirts!

When you put on a t-shirt from Westcoastees, it’s like putting on silk.

“It’s so soft, Mama. I don’t want to ever take it off.” Granted, my son loves all things soft, but he’s right.

Okay, so they’re not actually made of silk, but the cotton is definitely velvety soft.

It started for me when a friend of mine had this really cool “Van Isle” sweatshirt. I admired it for a while, then asked about it. As with most great things, it all started with word of mouth. She told me about Westcoastees and together we bought a shirt for a friend moving away from Vancouver Island.

It was at this point that I went into Westcoastees own store on Vancouver Island for myself with the fam and did some shopping.

Established in 2015 in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, Westcoastees has seen steady growth since they opened their doors. And it’s not hard to see why.

They offer quality Vancouver Island made t-shirts and sweatshirts/hoodies for outdoor enthusiasts. Men, women and children can find something they love and will represent the feel of west coast life. And with new designs coming out regularly, you’ll definitely find something you love.

Westcoastees clothing is expertly silkscreened in their Cowichan Valley warehouse and if you order online they’ll ship it to you free (!) within Canada. We met with the local owners, we toured the warehouse and we can say with confidence it’s a Vancouver Island company worth getting behind.

With quality products, affordable prices, creative and diverse designs, you will want to get a shirt of your own.

And while you’re at it, get one for a friend.

These shirts aren’t only for the tourists. Locals love them equally as much. In fact, this Traveling Islander wouldn’t mind if every t-shirt she owned was a Westcoastees shirt. I know, shameless, but they really are just that comfortable.

Look for them at local markets like the Duncan Farmer’s Market in the unmistakeable Westcoastee’s van (!), shop online, in their own Vancouver Island retail shop, search for one of their vendors near you.

You can’t go wrong.

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Disclaimer: Westcoast Tee’s are official sponsors of Traveling Islanders but we asked for it because we genuinely love their T-shirts so much. 

Westcoastees – It’s super easy to order online

Order your T-shirts online and they will ship it to you for FREE anywhere in Canada.