Take A Look Inside The Most Futuristic Cruise Ship On Earth!

Ever wonder what it looks like inside a cruise ship? We have! Satisfy your curiosity and take a look inside the Quantum Of The Seas cruise ship with Google Street view.

I wonder if this cruise ship will ever dock at one of our BC cruise ship ports in the area! Imagine this beauty docking in Vancouver, Nanaimo or Victoria!

We have cruise ships that dock regularly in our Vancouver Island ports that head up to Alaska, but to travel on this cruise liner you need to head to the tropics!

This is what Royal Caribbean Cruise has to say about their newest luxury vessel!

“There’s only one word that can possibly sum up our newest ship, Quantum of the Seas: WOW. Newly designed staterooms, game-changing technology, groundbreaking venues and the best dining ever are just the start of what you’ll find onboard.

By taking a quantum leap forward with the first ship in our Quantum class, we’re holding ourselves up to the promise of building ships that take you to new heights.” Royal Caribbean Cruise

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I can’t believe Quantum Of The Seas cruise ship has a sky-diving simulator, bumper cars, surfing simulator, ice skating, spas and even robots that serve drinks!
Ever wonder what it looks like inside a cruise ship?
Well…wonder no longer! Royal Caribbean has partnered up with Google Street view to give a virtual tour of this luxury cruise liner.
See for yourself!

(The following pictures are from Google Street Views)

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This cruise ship is so advanced it has robot bartenders serving up the cocktails!

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Pool on cruise ship, cruise ship, Quantum of the seas, Caribbean cruise ship

Cruise ship, Quantum of the seas, Google street view of a cruise ship

Ever been on a cruise? Or are you someday looking forward to one?

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  • One question, though: do you still have to tip the robot bartenders? - Reply

    • Very funny question, Hayley. Hopefully one day we will have the opportunity to find out for ourselves. My guess is you tip them about as much as you tip the automatic car wash. -g - Reply