The Best Ways To Island Hop In Hawaii

The Islands of Hawaii are all incredibly different and unique in their own way, so it is worth thinking about island hopping.

The Islands of Hawaii are all incredibly different and unique in their own way, so if you are going to take a trip to this beautiful part of the world, it is worth thinking about island hopping. This will bring logistical challenges that must be overcome when trying to enjoy everything they have to offer. There are other islands that have the same difficulties to contend with when planning a route, including Vancouver Island, the Greek Islands, and the Azores.

There are eight main Hawaiian Islands and many small islets; visiting them can be time-consuming, so make sure you have enough travel days. Some of the Islands have restrictions; for example, Kahoolawe, known as The Target Isle, is the smallest and off limits to the public due to the conservation effort to protect its environment and the surrounding sea. Lanai, The Pineapple Isle is 98% privately owned, but the other 2% is a very desirable location for tourists who are attracted to its white beaches and luxury accommodation. Niihau, The Forbidden Isle can only be visited with a personal invite from the owner, although there is a small village with 200 inhabitants that lead a rural minimalistic lifestyle.

The Islands have, on average, from 100,000-570,000 visitors per month. There are no trams, trains, or subways and a very limited bus service, which makes getting about difficult, so we are going to show you some of the best ways to travel around the Islands.

Flying Between the Islands

It is relatively easy to island hop by air, whether it’s on a small turbo prop plane or a slightly larger jet, as most of the islands have at least one airport, with the largest being Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu. Flying between islands may not be first-class or the ultimate in comfort, but there are some luxurious hotels to enjoy relaxation and peace once you land. This faster way of travel will also give you more time to explore, so find a nice luxury base and island hop in your own time.

Cruising Upon the Ocean

Explora Journeys Luxury Cruises
Explora Journeys Luxury Cruises
Explora Journeys Luxury Cruises
Explora Journeys Luxury Cruises

By taking a ocean voyage, you will be able to see numerous islands and gain the additional experience of being aboard a boat, and all that has to offer. Explora Luxury Cruises explain how modern options have comfortable accommodation, many different restaurants, and lots of things to keep you entertained. You could find that due to the range of islands in Hawaii, accommodation could be patchy, so a ocean trip will add stability as well as peace of mind. Make sure your provider takes in the islands you wish, as sometimes you may only get a fleeting visit on a wider journey.

Guided Day Trips

If there are specific places of interest you are hoping to visit, maybe a guided day trip is a good way for you to do this. With a wide range of tours being available, you can join a cultural tour, or maybe food, wine, and nightlife are more to your taste. A guided tour can offer you an easy, stress-free way to see as much as possible and forgoes the need to book tickets, hire a car and navigate down some tricky roads to reach the less accessible places. Some of the sightseeing excursions include a trip to the historic port at Pearl Harbor, which History describes as the site of one of the defining moments in American history, or maybe a walk around Hawaii’s National Volcanic Park, where nature had a hand in changing the landscape.

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