A Date With My Daughter At Tofino Tea Bar

“Hey, Mama, can we do something special, just you and me?” Tofino Tea Bar was perfect for our special time together!

Written By: Gretta Kennedy, Traveling Islanders
Location: Canada • Vancouver Island • Tofino, BC

“Hey, Mama, can we do something special, just you and me?”

We were 4 days into our week-long family vacation and my daughter was asking for “just us” time.  She does this occasionally and each time she asks, I love what we come up with.

Here on the west coast of both Canada and the US, there is a coffee shop on almost every corner.

Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Now I enjoy a good coffee shop and I’m sure I could have found a unique one for Kaia and I to visit.  But I wanted to do something different with her this time. The last time we were on the west side of the island, I was introduced to a fantastic little shop called Tofino Tea Bar.  Since our vacation took us back to the area,  I decided to take Kaia for our “just us” time.

Tofino Tea Bar, Tea, Tofino, Tofino Activities, Tofino CoffeeTofino Tea Bar is an unassuming and friendly tea shop.

With a wide array of loose leaf tea, there is sure to be something for every pallet.  It was a hot day, so Kaia and I were looking for something cold and refreshing.

Now I have to admit that I’ve always thought of tea as a hot beverage.

Sure, I’ve had iced tea before, but never really liked it. So you’ll have to excuse me if I was a bit surprised when Cheryl, the owner and tea sommelier, offered my daughter an apple/raspberry infused tea that tasted more like juice. Kaia was surprised at its yumminess and consumed it quickly.

Tofino Tea Bar, Tea, Tofino, Tofino Activities, Tofino CoffeeCheryl – Owner of Tofino Tea Bar and “Sommelier”. A tea sommelier is someone with expert training and knowledge regarding tea…yes, they go to school for that. Here she is making a cold tea infusion.

I am learning there is much I do not know about tea.

I have a dear English friend who would readily agree.  She once made fun of me for calling a kettle a teapot and has since gifted me one of each.  I think this is more for her benefit for when she comes over for a visit.  But I digress….

At the Tofino Tea Bar, you can find so much more than hot tea.

During the summer, Cheryl creates 2-3 different cold tea infusions and each one is fantastic.  And if you really want a treat, ask for a tea milkshake.  They are amazing!

And it doesn’t stop there. Have you ever had the feeling after finishing a satisfying meal that you wanted something sweet, but not an entire dessert?  Try a tea pairing.  Much like wine, choosing the right tea can enhance your enjoyment of a simple dessert.Cheryl gave Kaia and I a small piece of dark salted chocolate and a cup of caramel rooibos tea.

Oh, was that ever good.  Let the tea melt the chocolate in your mouth and it’s like having a yummy dessert party all up in there.

Kaia was delighted to discover how something so little as piece of chocolate can change in flavour so much by just adding a sip of tea.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I was delighted too.

Tofino Tea Bar, Tofino, Tofino Coffee, Tofino Activities, Cheryl, owner of Tofino Tea Bar and Tea Sommelier

Kaia and I stayed at Tofino Tea Bar for about an hour and a half, talking and getting to know Cheryl and this sweet shop.  As we left, Kaia asked for a picture with her new friend and looks forward to when we can go back.

People told me when I became a mother that the years would go so quickly. I’m realizing they were quite right.  I feel like Kaia was just born and now, I’m enjoying special time with her at a tea bar. As she grows, our relationship changes too. We had fun that day, just us.  Our conversation topics seemed more grown up. I noticed she seemed less like a little girl and more like someone who will be my good friend one day.  As we were leaving, Kaia turned to me and said, “Mama, that was really fun. I like spending time with you like that.” Me too, sweet child.


Tofino Tea Bar
381 Main St.
Tofino, BC, Canada

Phone: 250-785-8833
Website: www.tofinoteabar.com

• The Entrance is at the back of the building. It’s a little tricky, but aren’t all hidden gems!
• Over 60 different kind of teas to choose from.

While our families experience at Tofino Tea Bar was complimentary, you can rest assured that our thoughts, opinions, and findings are our own as always.


  • I didn't see the tea shop the last time I was in Tofino but I love a good tea (especially chai) and will definitely check it out next time - Reply

    • You really should check it out, Katie. There are many chai options to choose from. I bought one to bring home and it's quickly becoming a new favourite of mine! - Reply

      • The Chocolate Chili Chai is fabulous! Sweet and spicy. - Reply

        • I didn't buy that one, but smelled it a bit as I tried to decide. Cheryl said it's a favourite of many. I'll have to try it next time. -g - Reply

  • This looks like such a perfect mom-daughter date for any age! I LOVE tea, but never make it myself, and I'm always shocked at the magical combinations they come up with at tea shops. That chocolate part sounds especially good! :D - Reply

    • My appreciation for tea is growing. I haven't always liked it either. When you have someone who can show you more than just Earl Grey or English Breakfast, it makes a difference. -g - Reply

  • So sweet! How old is Kaia? My daughter is 10 and we have also used a tea shop for some mommy daughter time. There is actually a place here in Providence, RI, The Duck and Bunny, and they call themselves a "snuggery" because it is set in an old home whose small parlors provide a perfect spot to snuggle up with someone special. They make amazing crepes and delicious teas and cupcakes so it really is a sweet place for a mommy-daughter date. - Reply

    • What a great name! That place sounds lovely. Kaia is 8 1/2 and I'm learning more and more the importance of spending time with just her. It's good for our relationship. :) -g - Reply

  • I certainly have never heard of a tea milkshake, but it sounds great. I'd love to visit this place if I'm ever in the area. And what a great way for some mother/daughter time! :) - Reply

    • Oh, Cory, the tea milkshake is where it's at! It was so good! -g - Reply

  • Aww. What a sweet day for you and your daughter. It looks like a fun little shop! I'd love to try some of those infused teas. I usually just stick with the boring prepackaged stuff at the grocery store, so I bet some of theirs would be delicious! - Reply

    • Theirs is certainly delicious! While there's a place for the prepackaged tea, it feels like pampering a bit when you get something special. You should try it sometime. :) -g - Reply