Experience The Thrill Of Vancouver Island Go-Karting

Vancouver Island go-karting is the perfect way to make lasting memories with your family! Enjoy the thrill and create unforgettable fun for everyone!

“Did you see me spin out on turn 3?”

“Oh my word! How did you pass me?”

“This is so much fun! My adrenaline is pumping!”

These are just a few phrases spoken by various members of my family on our recent visit to Fast Time Amusements located in Parksville. Sometimes it’s challenging to find activities for our family with 3 teenagers, but this outing was a no-brainer.

We had so much fun!

Vancouver Island Go Karting, Fast Time Amusements 2

And it’s no wonder because at Fast Time Amusements, their philosophy is to “have a fun environment for kids, adults and the whole family to experience the thrill of racing where you can feel like a NASKart Racer.” When they say the whole family has a good time, they mean it!

We had grandpa visiting and even he had great experience. Driving a high-speed go-kart brings out the inner risk taking young adult in even a 75 year old.

And the dynamics between grandpa and grandkids racing around the course, laughing and cheering each other on, is hard to beat.

Vancouver Island Go Karting, Fast Time Amusements 3

The staff at Fast Time Amusements were great too. Patient, kind, safe, and competent, they helped our entire party of 6 race our best. Their attention to detail kept my mind at ease as they didn’t miss anything. Helmets buckled properly, seatbelt securely fastened, and directions how to use the karts, these staff didn’t miss a beat. They were equally chill and precise.

Which I must say isn’t always easy to achieve.

We had three races. The first one was exhilarating! We all worked to understand how these go-karts work as we zoomed 1, 2, 3…I don’t know how many…times around the track. We learned when to be careful and when to push the pedal to the metal.

Vancouver Island Go Karting, Fast Time Amusements 8

By the end of that first race our hearts fiercely pounded as we shared our personal experiences with each other.

Race two definitely had us “one upping” each other. We worked hard for that fastest time, all the while striving to keep anyone from passing. All it takes is one misstep of the steering wheel or over-exertion of the gas pedal to let a family member zoom by.

A little friendly competition is good for our relationships.

By race number three, we all believed we were ready to go pro! We felt as one with our respective karts and just laughed all the way through. It really was a fun time all together. In the end, we printed off our score sheets, compared fastest times and left with the sweet memories of tight turns and neck and neck straight aways.

Vancouver Island Go Karting, Fast Time Amusements 10

Just when I thought we were done, we realized Fast Time Amusements also has axe-throwing!

We all tried our hand at sticking a bull’s eye. Some, admittedly did better than others. Let’s just say, we chose not to keep everyone’s score.

And now, since our visit, our 14 year old likes to help us drive more efficiently when on the highway. On the way home he called out from the backseat, “left lane, Dad” as he assisted in highway decision making. All in all, our family time at Fast Time Amusements will be remembered as one fun-filled, adrenaline-producing, good time.

Fast Time Amusements Ax Throwing
Fast Time Amusements Ax throwing 3
Granddaughter & Grandpa making some forever memories together.

Website: Fast Time Amusements

Location: Parksville, BC

Cost: Lots of different cost options to choose from


• Yes, they have dual carts for adult & child. So much fun!

• If you or your children get overwhelmed easily by highly stimulating and loud environments, then be sure to have a game plan ahead of time. Know that it will be loud, so you’ll want to arrive early, perhaps wear earplugs, observe from a distance and then dive in and have an awesome time!

• There is very limited shade available. Bring hats, sunscreen, water and if you are planning to stay for a long time then a shade tent and chairs. There are a few picnic tables with shade tents, but during busy Summer months they are very popular.

Directions To Fast Time Amusements: