Vancouver Island Vacation Giveaway Worth $3000!!

Enter to win $3000 Vancouver Island vacation giveaway! Whale watching, Butchart Gardens, Surfing, Dinner Theatre, Golfing, Chateau Victoria & more!

CONGRATULATIONS! Watch the video below for the announcement of the winner. It could be you!

Vancouver Island Vacation Giveaway


Now it’s your turn to travel like the Traveling Islanders!

11 incredible travel destinations have joined forces to create one Mega Vancouver Island Vacation! All places we have been and enjoyed ourselves. You get to literally follow in our footsteps on an unbelievable Vancouver Island vacation.

One lucky person is going to win and it may be you! Not only that, but you get to bring family and friends with you to enjoy the family passes!

It’s super easy to enter the contest with multiple entry options. (See below to enter)

But you can’t win unless you enter, so go for it and good luck!

$3000 Prize Package Includes:

• Enjoying world famous flowers at The Butchart Gardens & Tea For Two. 

• Whale Watching in Victoria with Orca Spirit AdventuresFamily Of Four

• Spending a night in a beautiful suite at Chateau Victoria

• Paddling with Salt Spring Adventure on a 3 hour kayak tour – Family Of Four

•  Teeing off for a round of golf with power cart at Cowichan Golf & Country Club as a special guest with Golf Vancouver IslandTwo people

• Taking in a show at the Chemainus Theatre Festival while on a luxurious theatre Getaway that includes a dinner theatre, and a night at Chemainus Best Western Plus with breakfast in the morning. Two People

• “Hanging 10” with Tofino Surf Adventures4 Person Group Lesson

• Watching and interacting with the beautiful butterflies at Victoria Butterfly Garden – One Day Family Pass

• Watching birds of prey swoop down before your eyes at The Raptors Family Admission

• Being inspired by many Canadian Lonely Planet travel books valued at $220! A gift from Raincoast Books

Note: In this Giveaway Traveling Islanders are not responsible for anything other than passing along the free admissions and offerings from the sponsors who are providing the attractions. Example: Not responsible for any other expenses such as transportation, meals or accommodations, etc… 

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  • Would love to win this, Van Island is my idea of a dream vacation. Love following your blog - Reply

    • Good luck with the giveaway! Thanks for following our adventures. We love to inspire readers just like you! - Reply

  • I so enjoy reading about your adventures! - Reply

    • Thanks for following our adventurous island family! If we can ever be of any help with your Vancouver Island adventures please let us know. All the best with the giveaway! - Reply

  • Hi I would love to see different places I would like to see killer whales - Reply

    • We just saw our first grey whale breach on a trip last month! We were awestruck! The picture can be found in this blog post if you're interested: - Reply

  • As a filmmaker and photographer, this would be a dream vacation for my family and I and we would be able to promote the sponsors in return with video and photography advertising! :) - Reply

    • We sure hope whoever wins will send us some great pictures to share! All the best! - Reply

  • We have wanted to go here for years! This would be such a wonderful memory and experience! We love adventures!! - Reply

    • Let us know if we can help with any of your travel plans! We love to inspire and enhance visitors Vancouver Island vacations! - Reply

  • I live here on the island and would love to win this - tons of attractions that I have never done and it's in my own backyard :) - Reply

    • We are always amazed at how many people from all over the world come visit Vancouver Island! Good luck with the giveaway. In the mean time go have fun being a tourist in your own backyard. It's a ton of fun! - Reply

  • I love exploring the island, would love to see more of it - Reply

    • All the best with the giveaway! Either way we hope you get to see more of the island. Please let us know if we can help with your plans. - Reply

  • I have never been to the island... I look forward to exploring it soon! - Reply

  • This would be a dream come true. I was posted to Victoria in 1973 while serving with 3PPCLI, WorkPoint Barracks, in Esquimalt. I was married at Sacred Heart Church on 7 Sept 1974. My wife and I will be celebrating 42 yrs this Sept. We left Victoria in 1980 due to Military Posting. We have never been back. I can't think of anything more that I would love to surprise her with for our Anniversary than a trip back to where it all started for us. - Reply

  • This is the first time I have seen this on Facebook but I love Vancouver Island and have been several times and really want to go back again and explore some more places. - Reply

  • Great Scout , Marty. Pick me, pick me! Your next winner!!! I have always wanted to go see Van. Island . I heard it is beautiful there. My childhood dream to see it since. It would be a dream come true and means more to me than anyone else to win. :( Starving artist here desperately needs the trip to have fun and feel alive and inspired again. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. - Reply

  • This would be so perfect for our 28th wedding anniversay - Reply

  • What a awesome get away. Vancouver Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. - Reply

  • we live in the fraser valley and have visited the island a couple of times, but it is expensive to travel there for a family . this would be a fantastic win, thankyou for the opportunity! - Reply

  • wow - Reply

  • We have always wanted to come here... looking forward to when we can someday! We get the island appeal... Prince Edward Island is our home...spend some time here if you haven't already! - Reply

    • Hello Prince Edward Island! I visited your island once when I was a boy and only have fond memories. The people are so warm and welcoming. All the best with the giveaway! - Reply

  • Beautiful British Columbia, this prize would be wonderful. - Reply

  • I would love to win this and finally see Tofino. - Reply

  • We love exploring our lovely island! Best place on Earth! - Reply

  • I would absolutely love to win this would be so amazing to show my 2 young sons the Orca whale them the west coast...and visit some old high school friends. - Reply

    • Good luck! We loved our trip with Orca Spirit Adventure with our family. Check out the pictures! - Reply

  • Getting to visit Victoria and seeing it all from the Orcas to the flowers would be a great way to enjoy a second honeymoon together. - Reply

  • What a wonderful win this would be. As we are from Alberta we do not get out to the island that often, but would surely go if we won this wonderful prize. Great chance for someone to see so much of the sights offered on the island. - Reply

    • Good luck! It would sure make for one amazing vacation that is for sure! - Reply

  • We would love to win this wonderful vacation as this Island offers so much beauty. We have moved here recently and my husband has been very busy at work and staycation would be really big blessing! - Reply

  • Would LOVE to trvel I have never been out of Ontario would be awesome thank you for this AMAZING chance - Reply

  • This would be great as our honeymoon! Would love to enjoy the island! So many things to see and do. - Reply

  • Living in the Interior of B.C. we have never had the opportunity to explore Vancouver Island's many attractions. it would be a thrill to see them. - Reply

  • OMG! This is amazing! I beg you :P Entered, liked, and shared! We are headed to the island June 16-24. How awesome would this be to win! - Reply

    • Thanks for entering and best of luck! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for all your Vancouver Island inspriation :) - Reply

  • What a wonderful competiton, even if I don't win, I am going to visit some of these places with my kids in the summer jollys. If I do win, it will be our honeymoon, 16 years late, but worth the wait. Great blog and fabulous photos, brightens my day and the kids love it too. Thank you, from one exploring family to another! - Reply

    • Thanks for your kind words about our blog. So glad to hear it brightens your day and that of your kids! All the best with the giveaway! - Reply

  • I have lived on this beautiful island for 22 years and would love this vacation with my kids before they all head out on their own lives.... - Reply

  • i would really love to be able do this , this one things on my bucket list - Reply

    • Glad to see the island is on your bucket list! Never stop adding things to that bucket of yours and happy travels! - Reply

  • We would lover to explore beautiful Vancouver Island and further our adventures! Vancouver Island has something new to offer us travelers each day! - Reply

  • Would love to take my man as he comes from and takes me yo Nova Scotia all the time. Its time to go to the west coast... - Reply

  • Would make a great Anniversary Birthday Present for my other half, we love the island and don't get much chance to travel there. So much to see and do and relax and enjoy in our Beautiful Country - Reply

  • Would be an awedome adventure - Reply

  • Adventures are Welcome :) !! would be Awesome ! - Reply

  • Ooh, would love to enjoy this beautiful BC escape!! - Reply

  • The beauty of Vancouver Island is unbeatable! Nothing can compare. - Reply

  • This would be a dream coming to fruition and I'm ready! - Reply

  • I am in a new relationship living in Alberta. I spent 22 years living on the Sunshine Coast looking at Vancouver island from our coast. There is so much to discover over on Vancouver island, that I want to share with my new man. He is one of the hardest working people I know, never complains! We would really love this exciting adventure. Thank you for such a chance. - Reply

  • We would really love to win this contest, I worked in Victoria for 3 months but was never able to explore the Island, what a wonderful experience it would be to share together with my girlfriend. - Reply

    • All the best! Good luck! Don't forget to join us on Facebook and like our page. We will be announcing the winner on July 1st! - Reply

  • We are Islanders , even tho we have lived here for many yrs , we have yet to expierence some of the local offerings. You know the old saying about exploring your own back yard. We would love a chance to do just that. I would love to have my Kids and grand babies to join us. Please consider us for the journey. - Reply

    • It truly is amazing when you look at your own backyard and realize people from all over the world spend thousands to come here and we get to live here! Did you enter the contest? - Reply

  • My husband and i come to the island every year and fish in port renfrew.My husbands ex -brother in law lives in victoria and has a cabin in Port Renfrew,and my good friend and his wife moved to Shawnigan and has a cabin in Port Renfrew also.We tooK our trailer down 2 yeas ago and stayed at the Pacheedaht campground had the best vacation that year,due to having our home away from home.This year another friend is joing my hubby and i ,unfortunately our other friend will not be home so my hubby and friend will be chartering 2 days .I will be situated in Nanaimo and will be touring uclecet ,& Tofino and most definately doing the Hot Spring Cove.We also had a tour of fort rod booked so should be exciting.eveentually will make it all the to Port hardy and see all the island.This vacation giveaway is amazing.and i hope whoever wins realizes how luckty they truely are and what a beautiful island,and if they can book extra time,places like GoldStream park and Beechyhead should be an extra included.We got to see a pod of 6 Orcas swin within 50 ft of us ,got amazig video.People pay thousands to see what we did for free.Yes you have a beautiful back yard to play in and ar so very fortunate and good luck to every one . - Reply

    • Sounds like you love the Island! Thanks for sharing all about your trips and what you enjoy doing. It truly is a very special island. Would love to see some pictures of your upcoming trip! We enjoyed the Hot Springs very much. Did you see our blog post on it? Please join us on Facebook for the announcing of the winner on Canada Day! Good luck! - Reply

      • I will definately share some photos with you...i have alot from the island,and main land also .. we went to the botanical beach in port renfrew 2 years ago..amazing.. i am a picture went to toad hollow that was so cool,it would've been something to see back in the day with the big guns in place.Last year along with our fishing trip we did 4500km in 9 days on the mainland.We did Radium,fairmount,Ainsworth,Nacusp.we stayed 3 days in Kimberly and did the mine tour.Amazing if you you ever get the chance to do it.then 1 day in kelowna and 1 in kamloops then stayed at my foster moms in 100mile house and went to Barkersville,and then over little fort and back we are kinda crazy tourists who do wild and crazy trips that most people wouldnt attempt,and we love it until our next vacation,good luck on your travels and i will post pics when i get excited.thank you - Reply

  • What a fabulous way to explore our on backyard. Fantastic opportunity for whoever wins. Crossing my fingers, toes and eyes ??? - Reply

    • Good luck! Please join us on Facebook for the announcing of the winner on July 1st. - Reply

  • I live in Regina,SK.Would love to explore the Vancouver Island!My daughter lives in Nanaim BC.Would love to win for entry! - Reply

  • I would love to win this!!!I need to explore of Vancouver Island! - Reply

    • Good luck! - Reply

    • Good luck! And happy Vancouver Island travels! Stay in touch on our Facebook page for inspiration on what to see and do: - Reply

  • would love to win this, been posted away for work and haven't been back in 2 years, I will be returning home for a visit shortly with my spouse and this would make it an AMAZING time and allow my to show my spouse who has never been to Canada what we have to offer!! thank you for this chance, - Reply

    • Winning this giveaway would create memories to last a lifetime! Good luck! Would love to stay in touch on our Facebook page and that's where we will be announcing the winner: - Reply

  • Hey I am crossing my fingers this is a great idea to relax and see more of vancouver island - Reply

  • Exploring Vancouver Island is an opportunity afforded to the free, the grateful and the lucky! - Reply

    • Good luck! We will be announcing the winner on our Facebook page today: - Reply

  • Great - Reply

  • Today's the day! Some lucky person ( hopefully me!) will win these amazing trips!! - Reply

    • You better believe it! Good luck! If you haven't already we would love to stay in touch with all our giveaway entries on our Facebook page: - Reply

    • Fingers crossed, Happy Canada Day! - Reply