The Best Beach Cruise Shore Excursion In Nassau Bahamas

Love Beach is as beautiful and perfect as these pictures show it to be. It has it all! Snorkeling, white sand, warm turquoise Caribbean waters and away from the crowds.

The best beach on the island of Nassau in the Bahamas has to be Love Beach.

There are 5 beaches worth noting that are close to the Nassau cruise port and free to visit. There are the two closest beaches, Jankanoo Beach and Cabbage Beach. The other three beaches a little farther away are Cable Beach, Jaws beach, and our favourite, Love Beach.

Of course it all depends on what type of beach you like to get sand between your toes on. For us, on our Nassau cruise shore excursion, we were looking for a picture-perfect Bahamas beach away from the crowds and we found both at Love Beach.

5 Reasons Why Love Beach Is The Best Nassau Beach For Cruisers

Love Beach Has Free Shore Snorkelling

We don’t do a lot of snorkelling, so just getting in the water to see some fish and coral was exactly what we were looking for. We saw a good variety of fish. and other sea creatures. Snorkelling was so fun at Love Beach that’s pretty much what we did all day long when we weren’t playing in the sand or just soaking in the warm Caribbean waters.

On one of our snorkelling sessions we even found a conch shell which was cool to show off to everyone. It was still alive so we were sure to bring it out further into the water before we left.

The Feel Of A “Hidden Gem” Secluded Beach

Hidden gem is the best way to describe Love Beach. If you are wanting to get away from the crowds and step into the perfect Caribbean beach, then look no farther than Love Beach.  When we first arrived we couldn’t believe our eyes!

Perfect white sand, crystal clear and calm turquoise water. And the best part… there were only a handful of people within eye sight.

We had everything we needed to have the perfect beach day on the island of Nassau, and boy did we ever. That is one beach day I will never forget.

Love Beach Is Just A 20 Minute Ride Away

If you’re an experienced cruiser, you know there is a taxi game awaiting you at every cruise port. Nassau, Bahamas is no exception. As you get closer to the street upon exiting the cruise port, the “government approved” taxi drivers will be waiting to pounce on you. Yes, it is convenient and quick to go with the first taxi driver doing all they can to get your business… however, it’s always more expensive.

What’s the alternative?

My brother who was the more seasoned traveller amongst us that day assured us to push through and find a more independent taxi driver that would be farther away. With 4 adults and 6 kids in tow and after about 10 minutes of walking I started to get nervous. I thought we would never find our way to Love Beach. Just at the moment I was ready to give up, we found exactly what we were looking for and loaded in the vehicle and off we went! Watch the video in this blog post to meet Mark Burrows our taxi driver and see a little of our ride to Love Beach (What’s App: 1-242-544-0204).

Nirvana Beach Bar Is Right Beside Love Beach

Often secluded beaches don’t have amenities and with a young family that’s not ideal. Not so at Love Beach. Nirvana is a beach bar just a few steps away from Love Beach and they offer up quick bites to eat and lots of beverage options as well. If you don’t have your own beach umbrella, beach chair, or even snorkelling gear, not to worry as you can rent those for the day at Nirvana Beach Bar.

If you like to save money, then sneak some food off the cruise ship, bring water bottles, use the palm trees for your shade, bring a beach towel and your own snorkelling gear and you’re all set for a day on a pristine beach in the Bahamas for the cost of a taxi ride.

Family Friendly Nassau Beach

There were about 25 other people on the beach that day and everyone was pretty chill. Lots of families, young couples, and people on vacation looking for a quiet beach to relax on. Even Nirvana Beach Bar was pretty quiet with just a few people enjoying some drinks. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect beach day on our cruise shore excursion on Nassau.

To Love Beach Or Not To Love Beach – A Couple Things To Be Aware Of:

Love Beach Flyover – If you do enough research online about Love Beach, you’ll eventually hear about all the airplanes flying directly overhead. Yes, it is true. In the morning I think we had planes flying over us every 20 minutes. It’s pretty cool if you like planes, but eventually we just ignored them. In the afternoon it slowed down to a flyover every 40 minutes or so. Watch the video to see for yourself.

Glass On The Beach –  Yes, there was some glass on the beach, but in reality there was not a lot of glass at all. The glass we found was rounded off by the ocean waters and no one cut themselves. This was a non-issue for us.

Love Beach – Nassau, Bahamas

Google Map On How To Get To Love Beach: