Is A Hawaiian Surfing Lesson Worth It?

Kauai offers endless activities to choose from, but it’s hard to fit them all in. While on the North Shore of Kauai we couldn’t resist signing up for a beginner surf lesson!

What comes to mind when you hear “Hawaii”?

Warm beaches? Palm trees and sun? Aloha and hula? True, Hawaii is all that.

But, I cannot imagine Hawaii without warm waves to play in.

I live in Canada where the surf is freezing and without a wetsuit, booties, and gloves, playing in the waves on Vanouver Island is out of the question. I would be blue in seconds! But in Hawaii, the water is unbelievably warm. On our recent trip to the island of Kauai, we decided to give surfing a try.

People who surf make it look so easy.

They just stand on their board and play with the waves, weaving this way and that smiling while the water pushes them closer to shore. They dance with the surf. It’s really quite beautiful.

Now I’ll be the first to admit…I do not have the greatest balance. I’ve been known to trip on cracks in the sidewalk and blades of grass sticking up a bit. My expectation for being able to actually stand on my board were quite low. But I was in Hawaii, I HAD to try.

We partnered with Hawaiian Surfing Adventures for one of my favourite days of our month long Kauai vacation.

Our 1 1/2 hour surf lesson started at a wide, slow-moving river to practice paddling. It was here we got the feel of laying on the board and moving through the water.

As we journeyed down the river closer to the ocean, our instructor shared a little about his life on Kauai. Through that, I learned how much he loves this land and enjoys playing and sharing it with others.

As we approached the ocean, he taught the boys and I how to maneuver on our boards and stand on them.

Eager to get started, we quickly made our way to the surf.

With incredible patience and gentleness, our instructor guided us to beginner waves, helping us catch them and enjoy the fun of surfing. As I expected, both my boys stood up immediately and rode all the way to the beach.

The boys had a great time catching wave after wave. Me? yeah, remember, I’m not too talented in the balance department. But having the most patient and kind instructor made all the difference for me.

Yes, I fell many times.

And yes, I thought I would not get to stand up.

But to my absolute astonishment, I actually surfed!

All it took was listening to the gentle words of my instructor as he said, “a little forward.” or “paddle hard” or “okay, up now” or “keep your eyes ahead” and I had it.

Over and over, my 40 something self stood on a surfboard and rode the wave to the beach.

I giggled.

I surfed.

And I loved every moment of it…yes, even the moments I crashed.

Is a Hawaiian surfing lesson worth it? As you can tell already we think so! A lot will hinge on your instructor and the tour company. Hawaiian Surfing Adventures is officially Traveling Islander approved for your Kauai North Shore Beginner Surf Lesson.

Kauai Surfing Adventures


Phone: 1-808-482-0749

Contact: Ask all your questions right here

Cost: Your Kauai North Shore beginner surf lesson cost depends on the season

Location: Kauai Surfing Adventures operates primarily out of Hanalei Bay in the North Shore, but if the waves are too flat they have alternate locations to meet you at.

Tip: I was in Hawaii, trying something I’d always wanted to try. But more than merely try, I was able to succeed. With Hawaiian Surfing Adventures, they helped me fulfill a dream. With the right help, surfing was easy. That’s one of the goals of Hawaiian Surfing Adventures….to help you stand up and enjoy the thrill of surfing success.

My only regret is waiting til near the end of my vacation for surfing lessons. I should have taken lessons near the beginning so I had time to keep practicing throughout the month. That’s not a bad regret. I’ll just know better for the next visit. Learn from me and get the lesson right away to better enjoy surfing the whole time.

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While our experience with Kauai Surfing Adventures was sponsored our thoughts and opinions are our own as always.