Don’t Just Look At The Animals! Feed Them At Zoo Miami!

With the all access Zoo Miami pass you can feed all sorts of animals like giraffes, camels, tortoises, and even a full grown rhino. Watch those fingers!

Zoos make for a wonderful family activity option while vacationing.

Zoos are where we go to see up close all the animals we fell in love with as children. From books to documentaries, we learn about the exotic, elusive and extravagant animals of the world and the moment we set foot on zoo property, these animals can be seen in real life! Zoos are incredible.

And Zoo Miami is no exception. 

Zoo Miami

Many times we have watched animals be fed. I mean, it’s great timing your visit so you are able to watch giraffes stretch their long tongues to reach leaves. But at Zoo Miami, you can actually participate in holding the bunches of leaves FOR the giraffe to eat!

We were blown away by our close encounters with many beautiful animals at Zoo Miami. When we arrived, we got the ALL ACCESS PASS that allowed us to feed various zoo animals and a few other extra things.

We started off with the camels.

Zoo Miami

When it’s feeding time, the camels sure know it and they line up for their turn to eat leaves. I’m pretty sure my inner child came out as I held the branches and waited for the camels to eat literally from my hands. 

I think it’s safe to say our day just kept gettting better from there. As we meandered to the rhinos to feed next, YES A RHINO! My son was the only one brave enough to take that animal on. And boy was it amazing for him. He may never get an experience like it again, and just take a look at that face.

That’s the face of a kid who knows this is a special moment.

I have a hard time choosing my favourite encounter at the zoo feeding the animals. I suppose for me it’s a tie between the giraffe and the ancient tortoise. With the giraffe I couldn’t stifle my giggles as the long-necked mammal reached over the top of his barrier wall, stuck out his massive black tongue and ate leaves from my outstretched arm.

That’s seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

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Zoo Miami

But in stark contrast was walking among tortoises with pails of food, following the zoo keeper and grabbing a lettuce leaf with tongs to feed this old soul. When a tortoise is coming for food, she can move quicker than I ever thought.

It was mesmerizing watching a tortoise plot along. We all took turns feeding and even petting the tortoise. Surprisingly they can feel every touch on their hard protective shell.

It was quite a unique experience. 

5 tips for your day visit to Zoo Miami.

1. Stay Hydrated.

Want to avoid cranky kids? The number one way to do that is to keep everyone hydrated. Bring a water bottle and fill up every time you see a drinking fountain. Enjoy the splash park. Get a slurpie. Or our favourite the mist showers and cool off by tropical mist. 

We visited Zoo Miami on a warm day in March. Even though it was Spring, we were grateful for all the shade spots around the zoo to offer a reprieve from the hot sun. We traded Canadian snow for that hot sun and our northern bodies happily found many shady areas along the Zoo Miami walking route. But shade, in all it’s glory isn’t what makes Zoo Miami so spectacular it was just an added bonus.

2. Relax And Take Your Time As You Meander Around

Zoo Miami is so BIG you won’t be able to enjoy the whole park unless you race. My word of advice is enjoy the things you are seeing instead of the things you aren’t. However, if you have a feeding pass, be sure to pay attention to feeding times so you don’t miss out on feeding the animal you want. Often the feeding times rotate or there is a window of time and you don’t have to show up at the exact starting time. 

The walking paths at Zoo Miami meander around the various regions of the world. Animals from Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Amazon are all housed in large enclosures throughout this well-maintained park. From elephants, hyenas, and lions to giraffes, tigers, and zebras, Zoo Miami kept our wonder for animals alive.

3. Get A Wheelchair For Nana Right At The Beginning.

Zoo Miami

Or anyone else who may not be able to walk for a few hours. For only $8 for the day, we were able to be sure Nana could stay with us to experience all the Zoo Miami family memories. 

4. Ride The Monorail

Just a heads up on that though…  you cannot see the animals while on it and it is very slow. The monorail is for transportation, not for a better viewing option. What we enjoyed most about it was the air-conditioning and just sitting down to relax. 

5. Bring A Backpack And Snacks

There are plenty of park benches to stop and take a break. Don’t let the kids loose steam because they are hungry. 

6. Spend some time in the playground and splash park in the middle of the zoo.

Zoo Miami

This is a fantastic option for kids (and grownups too) who need to climb, run, and cool down.

Zoo Miami is much more than just looking at animals. There is so much to see, hear and experience together. Have fun making some fantastic zoo Miami memories! 

6. Consider Getting The Zoo Bike

Zoo Miami

We like to save money. No, the Traveling Islanders aren’t cheap… we are just value driven is what Jay likes to say. Saying that, we wish we would have gotten the Zoo Miami bike for at least half of the day. The zoo was so large we know it would have made the day more fun and we would have been less tired. So that’s our tip for you! Get the bike and spend the extra money. It’s worth it.

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Is this post sponsored? Yes, but our thoughts and opinions are our own as always.