Where Do You Get Coffee In Port Hardy? Café Guido

North Vancouver Island is known for being wild and rugged, but not Café Guido! Enjoy perusing artisan creations, books, food and drinks without overwhelming the senses.

“Can we come here every morning? I’d like to start every day like this.”

That’s exactly what our daughter said after only 10 minutes inside Café Guido. Good coffee. Relaxing atmosphere. Quality shopping. Comfortable bookstore. It’s no wonder she liked it here so much. My two very active boys surprisingly didn’t want to leave either.

Here I thought I was just going to get a cup of coffee and poke around real quick. Not this time.

Sometimes coffee shops try and tackle too many different things. Especially smaller town island coffee shops it seems.

But somehow, Café Guido is able to offer shopping, reading, food and drinks without overwhelming the senses.

How? Well, it’s probably simply in the layout of the store. From the street, it’s just a comfortable coffee shop. But once inside, there are two more stores attached to the shop. Walk down four or five steps to the Book Nook and enjoy a good read, or walk up some stairs to shop for local clothing, jewelry, soaps, and much more.

It’s all west coast items and you’ll want to stay all morning soaking it in.

On a cold, rainy day, Café Guido is just the place to come and warm up with a hot cup of coffee and relax with a good book. And if it’s beautiful outside, this café will get you started right.

Stop in and enjoy it for yourself.

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Café Guido

Website: cafeguido.com

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