North Island Kayak Adventure

There are few ways to truly see the coastline of Vancouver Island better than sitting in a North Island Kayak and paddling along the shore.

There are few ways to truly see the coastline of Northern Vancouver Island better than sitting in a kayak and paddling along the shore.

The perspective from a kayak provides a more intimate view of the ocean. It’s quite different from cruising in a boat. That’s why we always recommend a Vancouver Island kayak trip.

We vacationed as a family at Telegraph Cove Resort recently and knew a kayak trip was a must. Our kids are teenagers now, so they are more than capable of paddling themselves.

We chose North Island Kayak to take us out and show us what these waters have to offer for a family adventure.

Kayaking as a family can seem fairly daunting for some. But with North Island Kayak, all my worries dissipated. They not only provide all the necessary gear and safety equipment, their knowledgeable and well-trained staff make the experience smooth and fun. 

Jay and I each shared a kayak with one of our kids while our 13 year old got to command his own.

Though the weather can be hit and miss up in North Vancouver Island, this Summer day was one of the most beautiful.

Crystal clear ocean waters perfect for spotting reflections welcomed us as we paddled our way out of Telegraph Cove harbour. As we paddled our guides showed us how to navigate our kayaks, pointing to one island tip after another.

North Island Kayak
North Island Kayak

When in a big boat, the 360* views take in the expansive beauty of the islands and waters. In a kayak, all the small, tiny ocean life reveals itself even more so. 

The pace slows on a Vancouver Island kayak trip.

And all the sights that get missed when zooming by with a motor, come to life beside the paddle.

We all experienced this. In fact, at one point early on in our North Island kayak journey, Kaia turned to me and said,

“Hey mom, I think we should go on a multi-day kayak trip. This is so peaceful and amazing.”

And she was right.

North Island Kayak, Vancouver Island Kayak Trip

At this pace on our North Island Kayak excursion we heard the water gently lapping on the rocks beside us.

We stopped in the middle of a bull kelp garden to see the life living in its long stems. And we even witnessed what teeny tiny crabs look like when they are first born.

Our North Island Kayak guides told us stories of the sea otter and how the mother will often wrap her young pup in the petals of the kelp to keep it from drifting off as she dives under the water in search of food. Can you imagine that?

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A small blanket of sorts keeping the baby otter safe? 

As we paddled in rhythm, the water gently entranced us. A game of “tag” began among our family of kayaks, laughing as we caught each other. Our island hopping course kept us on the move as we continued toward a protected beach for quick break on the shore. 

North Island Kayak, Vancouver Island Kayak Trip
Checking out baby crabs floating in the water. So tiny!
North Island Kayak, Vancouver Island Kayak Trip
North Island Kayak, Vancouver Island Kayak Trip

After beaching our kayaks, we ate our snacks, drank some water and eagerly jumped back into the kayaks to begin the journey back to Telegraph Cove. It was at this point we realized the wind had really picked up.

While our trip out the breeze pushed us along effortlessly, our return had us facing the wind head on.

Waves had formed and we knew it would be hard work getting back.

Our guides helped us every step of the way. They reminded us how to paddle without burning out. They kept us close to the shoreline where the waves were smaller. And when we got tired, they offered shelter spots to take a break. It wasn’t easy, but it was still good.

It reminded me of life and how even when we face difficulties, we can overcome when we are all in it together. 

North Island Kayak,

Arriving in the Telegraph Cove harbour felt like such an accomplishment.

It was hard work facing the wind and I’m so thankful we were in double kayaks to help each other.

Our North Island Kayak guides continued encouraging us until we were once again surrounded by the calm waters in Telegraph Cove’s harbour. Kayaking here was the perfect afternoon excursion for our family to do together.

A bit of relaxing, a bit of discovery and a bit of hard work.

All together. 

The perfect ending to our North Island Kayak adventure happened at Old Saltery Pub.

Since we were staying at Telegraph Cove for our family vacation the kids scampered away back to our cottage… while Gretta and I enjoyed a cold drink at the Old Saltery Pub relaxing and spending some time just the two of us reminiscing about our North Island kayak adventure.

If going on a Vancouver Island kayak trip isn’t your thing… how about a Tide Rip Grizzly Bear Adventure? Or a whale watching trip with Prince Of Whales? Park your car, stay for a few nights and you’ll find Telegraph Cove has it all.

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