The Inside Look At Gowlland Harbour Resort On Quadra Island

Gowlland Harbour Resort is perfect for families who like the finer things in life. See why this Quadra Island resort was recommended in National Geographic “Canada’s 50 places of a lifetime”.

Featured Photo: Impact Digital Photography

Coming off a very busy time we knew Quadra Island was the island for us.

We picked the perfect spot in Gowlland Harbour Resort to escape from it all and reconnect as a family.

Refreshing, private, serene and beautiful.

This is our first time staying at an island boutique resort and we absolutely love it. You get all the luxury without all the people.

We checked into our vacation guest house and felt the peaceful tranquility the moment we stepped onto our spacious deck.

The “Seaview” vacation guest house is like having your our own private oversized hotel suite. You get all the perks of a hotel but in a private house.

5 Ways Gowlland Harbour Resort Pulls You In And Makes You Feel Like Never Leaving

Gowlland Harbour Stunning View

Gowlland Harbour Views
Impact Digital Photography
Gowlland Harbour Views, Quadra Island, Gowlland Harbour, Discovery Islands
Enjoying a Gowlland Harbour Resort sunset

We felt like royalty gazing out over our expansive front yard stretching out to the most stunning ocean vista.

For a sun-loving guy like myself, surprisingly enough my most favourite times looking out over the ocean came at night.

I just finished an exhausting season with long days that often continued into the evening. So having nothing to do at night but look out over the ocean and just “be” was great therapy.

After the kids were down, I’d take a stroll to a rock cropping and sit with my Golden Retriever by my side. The moon, the stars, the birds making their night time noises, and listening to the seals off in the distance splashing away were my favourites.

Other favourite times of looking out at the view came in the morning, mid-morning, at lunch, mid-day, just before dinner, BBQ’ing, at dinner, after dinner, sunset and all the times in-between.

Gowlland Harbour Vacation House “Seaview”

Gowlland Harbour Views, Quadra Island, Gowlland Harbour, Discovery Islands
Gowlland Harbour Resort “Seaview”
Gowlland Harbour Views, Quadra Island, Gowlland Harbour, Discovery Islands
View from the deck at the “Seaview” Vacation House

The “Seaview” vacation house was the perfect accommodation for our family holiday. I love my family and my three active kids, but sometimes I just need some extra space.

Between the two bedrooms, two ensuites and 1/2 bath, full kitchen, living room, dining room, and massive sun deck, we had all the space we needed to stretch out.

In fact the kids had so much room they played hide-and-seek among all the nooks, walk-in closets, and storage space they kept finding around the house.

We only found one problem with our accommodation choice. We didn’t want to leave! It was just so relaxing. And because we had all the amenities of a beautiful home without the never-ending list of house chores to get to, it was simply blissful.

This accommodation option also has a full kitchen, just like home, with everything you need. So making your own meals is easy. And with clean, easy to use, propane BBQ, you can enjoy freshly grilled food with a view too.

By far the best thing about this vacation home was how close we felt to nature. There is nothing quite like replacing the wall of your house with giant windows and sliding glass doors!

Don’t need a full vacation house? Not a problem. Try Gowlland Harbour’s boutique hotel rooms or the luxurious oceanfront honeymoon suite.

Gowlland Harbour’s Cuisine, Dining Room, Lounge & Patio

Gowlland Harbour Views, Quadra Island, Gowlland Harbour, Gowlland Harbour Seaview House, Discovery Islands, Gowlland Harbour Dining, Gowlland Harbour Resort good

Gowlland Harbour Views, Quadra Island, Gowlland Harbour, Gowlland Harbour Seaview House, Discovery Islands, Gowlland Harbour Dining, Gowlland Harbour Resort good

Gowlland Harbour Resort is for couples and families who like the finer things in life. And this most definitely includes the dining experience.

The dining room features an extravagant double-sided wood burning fireplace, cozy couches and extra large windows to once again take in the beautiful ocean views.

It’s no wonder why Gowlland Harbour was recommended in National Geographic “Canada’s 50 places of a lifetime”.

As beautiful as the indoor dining room was, we preferred the outdoor patio. Our September visit still had warm weather and we couldn’t resist being under the trees, closer to the ocean, and giving our kids more of a casual setting.

With a chef that used to work in London for Gordon Ramsay, you are in for a very special dining experience.

If you like freshly sourced island ingredients, a chef who prepares meals with pride, and delectable menu choices, then you’ve come to the right place.

I can’t say enough of about the breakfast experience. I would like to tell you that I did the responsible thing and tried everything on the breakfast menu, but after ordering the smoked salmon eggs benedict on day 1, I couldn’t stop! Every morning, for 4 straight days, I stayed the course.

Yes, I feel a tad guilty. But, rest assured, the rest of the Traveling Islander family varied their menu selections from day to day. And they can report that everything was delicious.

The dinner was fine dining at it’s best.

I enjoyed Pan Fried Fillet Steak with sautéed forest mushrooms, poem sarladaise, seasonal greens and red wine jus. While Gretta had the Roasted Pave Of Salmon served with purple potatoes, smoked carrot puree, artichokes, broccoli and salmonberry beurre blanc.

The menu was a little too special for our kids. So the chef found out what types of food our kids liked and made something delicious just for them.

The biggest mistake of the evening, however, was ordering 3 desserts for the 5 of us to share. Let’s just say Sticky Toffee Pudding, Mixed Berry Soufflé and Chocolate Brownie dessert was all too delicious.

On-Site Amenities At Gowlland Harbour

Gowlland Harbour Views, Quadra Island, Gowlland Harbour, Gowlland Harbour Seaview House, Discovery Islands, Gowlland Harbour Dining, Gowlland Harbour Resort amenities

At a boutique resort you won’t find a plethora of activities to keep your family entertained all week, but that’s not necessarily the point. The activities are relax-focussed.

We loved our walks down the dock in the evening to watch the sunset, quality times soaking in the hot-tub or steaming it up in the sauna.

I’d like to say I used the fitness room after eating 4 eggs benedict breakfasts but alas I cannot. So I’ll have to work those off later. But I can say the whole set up is something I’d like to transport to my backyard!

Throwing the ball around, exploring the beach at low tide and challenging one another at the putting green was a lot of fun as well.

With the ocean being right in our front yard we did go for a swim once. Why only once? Well… I learned something shocking when I jumped into the ocean that day.


Apparently the waters in front of Gowlland Harbour have so much movement the temperature stays quite chilly. Let’s just say it was exhilarating and still a lot of fun on a hot day, but not the kind of water you hang out in for more than the 5 seconds it takes to get back out. The kids, on the other hand, enjoyed splashing around a little longer.

If you’re looking for warmer water then you’ll want to head to Main Lakes Provincial Park on Quadra Island or we found warm ocean water at Open Bay Beach.

You Will Never Be Short On Activities & Things To Do On Quadra Island

Gowlland Harbour Views, Quadra Island, Gowlland Harbour, Gowlland Harbour Seaview House, Discovery Islands, Gowlland Harbour Dining, Gowlland Harbour Resort amenities, Quadra Island, Quadra Island Kayaks

If lounging around the resort is not your thing then Quadra Island has you more than covered.

• Go on a oceanside hike under the tall west coast fir trees to Surge Narrows. Time your hike so you can watch ocean rapids form right before your very eyes as the tide changes direction between this narrow island channel.

• Spend a day in freshwater at one of the pristine lakes of “Lakes Provincial Park”. We felt like seasoned locals on our crazy adventure to Stramberg Lake. You can too if you dare to follow in our footsteps. Not even many Quadra Islanders know how to get to this lake!

• Go on a kayak tour and experience world class ocean kayaking. Enjoy breathtaking views of Quadra Island’s coastline and surrounding mountains. On our half day tour with Quadra Island Kayaks we even got up close and personal with a seal colony!

Choose from: Fishing, grizzly bear watching, beach exploring, golfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, lake exploring, sightseeing, kayaking, wine tasting, whale watching, eco-touring, mountain biking, you can even go on a rafting snorkel tour with salmon if that’s not enough.

Take in some of the island culture by going on a artist studio tour or make a First Nations cultural centre visit.

Phew! That’s a lot!

Check out Gowlland Harbour’s special activity getaways to see if one suits you.

Quadra Island is exactly why you can’t make a week long trip to Vancouver Island and call it enough. Immerse yourself in the best of a West Coast vacation as you pick from a never-ending list of Quadra Island activities.

Gowlland Harbour Resort On Quadra Island

Phone: 1-250-285-3572 (The international country code for Canada is 001)
email: [email protected]
Accommodation & Rates: Three accommodation options to choose from

Best time to visit for the nicest weather): May – September (Although those are peak prices)
Best time to visit for the best rate and a cozy fireplace season getaway:  October – April

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