Jeeves Takes A Bow At The Chemainus Theatre

Enter the comedic chaos of Bertie Wooster’s accidental women troubles, a mix-up with a real New York thug, and a stolen identity. Just another night at the Chemainus Theatre!

The perfect date night at the Chemainus Theatre.

Well, he has done it once again. P.G. Wodehouse brings us a fantastic comedy of errors with Bertie Wooster and his ever-helpful manservant Jeeves.

Jeeves Takes A Bow is the third instalment adapted for the stage by Margaret Raether and also the third time Bernard Cuffling has taken the role of Jeeves. He expertly plays the part with quick wit and facial expressions alone that will bring on side-splitting laughter.

Chemainus Theatre, Jeves Takes A Bow, Chemainus, Chemainus Best Western
photos by: Cim MacDonald – Actors: Bernard Cuffling, Kate Dion-Richard, Declan O’Reilly

This time Bertie has transplanted himself to The Big Apple during America’s prohibition years. And as usual, Bertie finds himself in the middle of fairly confusing and comical events…at no fault of his own of course. Women troubles, a mix-up with a real New York thug, and a stolen identity.

Bertie is lost.

And Jeeves? He holds everything together from the background effortlessly keeping Bertie out of imminent danger.

Chemainus Theatre, Jeves Takes A Bow, Chemainus, Chemainus Best Western
Photos: Cim MacDonald – Bernard Cuffling

From the moment Jeeves first walked onto the stage, we were laughing. And our laughter didn’t stop until we got home!

Some might pity his profession, always cleaning up after spoiled and entitled Bertie. But throughout the play, one comes to realize Jeeves might actually enjoy watching Bertie’s mishaps and entanglements.

In fact, he sort of sits back and watches until Bertie is so in-over-his-head that there is no way out without his help.

As an audience member, there is no way to figure out how Jeeves will rescue his carefree bachelor from the clutches of women engagements and a friend determined to steal his name.

Confusion and mayhem are Jeeves’ specialities.

You’ll laugh your way to a preposterous end and want more of Jeeves!

It’s a short run, so get your tickets today. You definitely won’t want to miss Jeeves Takes A Bow.

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