Kim’s Convenience Live At The Chemainus Theatre

Heart-warming, gripping, and hilarious all at the same time. The hit TV show Kim’s Convenience will leave you in stitches!

I called it a mini-mart growing up and my husband called it the corner store, but over at Chemainus Theatre, it’s Kim’s Convenience.

Perhaps you’ve seen the hit show Kim’s Convenience on TV or Netflix. Canadian actor and playwright, Ins Choi, chose to write Kim’s Convenience when he noticed there really weren’t many roles for an asian actor.

So, taking inspiration from his life and actual people he knew who had immigrated from Korea, Choi wrote award-winning Kim’s Convenience.

How do we know that?

He was at the theatre on opening night and we had a “talk back” time after the show with him and got to meet him!

Chemainus Theatre, Kims Convenience Writer, Kim's Convenience
On opening night we shared some laughs with playwright Ins Choi who was in the audience! After the show, Ins sat down on stage with Artistic Director Mark Du Mez for a special Q&A session to talk about his inspirations for the engaging story.

Kim’s Convenience is both incredibly funny and deeply touching.

As new condos are built in the neighbourhood and with them, the threat of Wal-Mart invading, Mr. Kim faces the huge dilemma of whether to sell and retire or pass on his beloved convenience store to his 30 year old, artistic and single daughter.

Packed with hilarious one-liners and the complexities of family relationships, Mr. Kim offers a look into what life for many well-educated Korean immigrants is like here in Canada.

Chemainus Theatre, Kim's Convenience
Susan Hanson, James (Jimmy) Yi / Photo Credit: Cim MacDonald
Chemainus Theatre, Kim's Convenience
Michael Clarke, Agnes Tong / Photo Credit: Cim MacDonald

Determined to teach his children about their heritage, Mr Kim ensures Korean trivia and pride abound in his downtown Toronto store. He sprinkles it throughout all his relationships, even some of the strangers who come to shop in his convenience store.

Just like the TV show, Kim’s Convenience is funny on stage, but the stage version contains a wonderful heart-warming story to go with the humour.

As Mr and Mrs Kim seek to provide a better life for their children, we wonder if it will ever truly be appreciated. It’s the age-old question…will the children ever understand how much the parents sacrifice and provide for them and will the parents ever know how much the kids did to help out.

The comedy is simply hilarious.

It’s heart-warming.

It’s truly a Chemainus Theatre show you don’t want to miss. You can scoop up your tickets on the Chemainus Theatre website and get ready for a memorable night out.

The evening always starts off right with a fantastic meal in the Playbill Dining Room.

It always makes the whole experience more relaxing and memorable. Friday night is “table d’hôte” which means we ordered our entree from a selection at the beginning of our dining experience while still choosing our amazing salads and desserts from the buffet line.

Chemainus Theatre, Chemainus Theatre exterior, Chemainus Theatre Building

Chemainus, Chemainus Theatre Food, Chemainus Playbill, Playbill Restaurant, Chemainus Theatre, Chemainus Dinner theatre

I think the Playbill is really outdoing themselves for this show. I mean, Korean style steak, lobster and prawns, duck, and stuffed mushrooms were our choices for entrees.

It was mouth-wateringly good!

And if you want to kick it up another notch, stay the night at the Best Western Plus Chemainus Inn. You can get a whole great theatre package deal for dinner, the show, a stay, and breakfast the next morning!