Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures • South Australia

Splashing over puddles & chewing through mud, crashing through running streams & churning over rocks was all part of our Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures.


Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures is only about 30 minutes from Victor Harbor in South Australia.

If you are in the area you got to try it.

Splashing over puddles & chewing through mud, crashing through running streams & churning over rocks while passing friendly alpacas, sheep and cows – this was the best way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.

You can’t buy the weather, and sometimes you organise an experience and nature decides to surprise you. Seasoned travellers will know these are the experiences you’ll remember if you make the most of it!

We’re glad we did.

It was hard to wipe the wet smile off my face – not that I could if I tried.

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Cruising at speed while wind whisks at your goggles & a speck of mud occasionally leaps up on your helmet meant resistance was futile: you couldn’t help but laugh while riding these quads.

We cruised up and over rolling hills, through sandy Australian mallee scrub, ripping at the sandy corners like a rollercoaster without rails and breaking was of course, optional.

Stopping off at a lookout with an ocean view, passing a wedge-tailed eagle’s nest, and finding gold – literally – in rocks at an old goldmine – these were just snippets of our quad biking adventure on Waitpinga Farm, South Australia.

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Our arrival at Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures was met with a warm welcome from Kevin, the owner and a little nervous excitement from my girlfriend Courtney and myself.

Neither of us were seasoned quad bikers – I once enjoyed the experience in Whistler, Canada but was no pro – but with a practice track to get beginners acquainted with the bikes we need not worry.

After donning the provided gloves, goggles and helmets complete with trendy disposable hair nets (who doesn’t love wearing a public shower cap, anyway?), we were ready to jump on the bikes.

We hit the practice track to get our bearings and a couple laps later we couldn’t wait to grind into the corners at speed or slide a cheeky fishtail down a hill. We found that quads are generally easy to control – unlike go-karting, you don’t leave feeling like your arms have turned into the tree trunks you’re cruising past.

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If you’ve never been on a quad before, the practice track is perfect to build confidence while getting to know the controls of the bike. A couple table-tops allow you to test the braking of the bike and two guides help you feel comfortable – even if dark clouds begin to loom overhead…

They say “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”… Despite our best efforts, we put it to the test while ‘a chance of rain’ turned into a downpour.

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You’d think this would put a damper on the experience, but in our rain jackets we would shake it off, because how often in Australia do you get to go quad biking in the rain?!

The two guides, Kevin and Langy, were both very down to earth and relatable as they relayed local facts and history on the tour and offered everyone jackets and waterproof pants when the downpour began. I would suggest wearing comfy shoes that you’re willing to get dirty because you’re more than likely to get mud on you but if we learnt anything, it is totally worth it.

Passing the ruins of the 6th generation family homestead (built in 1856), Kevin led us to and old cabin for a drink break and toasted marshmallows at an open fireplace.

We had a couple short breaks on the tour which allowed us to take some photos while overlooking just a fraction of the 400 acre property which extends from hills to the ocean beach.

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Perhaps practice some thumb wars with a friend before heading to your quad bike adventure – if you’re a speed demon like me, your thumb will get a work out as it tightly befriends the accelerator lever for a solid hour & a half – that is if you’re able to take in the incredible views around you fast enough.

If quad biking isn’t on your bucket list already, it should be. Regardless of the weather, quad biking really is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Everyone survived the adventure and came back alive… all except my girlfriend Courtey’s iPhone… ouch.

It unfortunately died by drowning and could not be resuscitated. Let that be a lesson to you friends, bring a zip lock bag on rainy travel days. (cringe)

While our Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures experience was complimentary, you can rest assured that my thoughts, opinions, and findings are my own as always. 

Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures

Web: www.waitpingafarm.com
Prices: 1-3 people starting at $70 – Cost for Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures
Tour Times: Friday – Monday, Tours leaving at 9:00am 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm

Directions to Waitpinga Farm

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