Cape Mudge Lighthouse on Quadra Island

Over 100 years later Cape Mudge Lighthouse continues to guide ocean vessels to safety. A worthwhile addition of things to see and do while visiting Quadra Island.

Featured Photo Credit: Quadra Island Tourism and Philip Stone

If you like sight-seeing, visit Cape Mudge Lighthouse on Quadra Island.

Originally built in 1898, the lighthouse on Quadra Island has saved many a ship from great peril.

The deceptively calm waters separating Quadra Island from Campbell River have a history of sinking ships. In fact, George Vancouver himself (British explorer known for charting the area in the 1700s) was known for calling these waters “one of the vilest stretches of waters in the world.”

But these “vile” waters aren’t so bad anymore and now we get to enjoy them and this lighthouse that was built over 100 years ago. It’s a beautiful sight and a great spot to take a beach picnic and set up on some driftwood.

As with most of the beaches on Quadra Island, there is plenty of exploring to be had. Plan an hour or so to walk around and admire the beauty here.

Cape Mudge Lighthouse, Quadra Island, Cape Mudge
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This southern point lighthouse offers stunning views of Campbell River and the other Discovery Islands to the south. There’s plenty of rock and shell exploring to be had too. And you won’t want to miss out on building a driftwood fort.

For those traveling with little kids, be sure to be careful along the waters edge or in the water. It’s cold and the current can flow strongly depending on the tide and season.

Bring a good book or look out over the water and just relax.

If you come at the right time, you might even get to see a cruise ship on its way up to Alaska.

Tip: Bring water and snacks as there are no nearby stores. 
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Tip: Looking for a Quadra Island beach with sand? Open Bay is the only beach with sand on Quadra Island.  Looking for a short hike with a very unique end destination? Try Surge Narrows.

You won’t want to miss this beautiful piece of working history and the serenity of the Quadra Island lighthouse area.

How do you get to the Quadra Island Lighthouse? (Cape Mudge Lighthouse) 

An easy 15 minute drive from Quathiaski Cove (where the ferry from Campbell River docks). Turn right on Green Rd, then a left onto Noble Rd. At the stop sign, turn right onto Cape Mudge Rd and drive 4 km. Turn right onto Joyce Rd and right again onto Lighthouse Rd. Follow to the end and enjoy!

Google Map Directions To Cape Mudge LightHouse (Quadra Island Lighthouse)