Relax The Day Away At Rebecca Spit

Rebecca Spit is easily the most visited spot on Quadra Island. With stunning views, oceanside hiking trails and calm waters it’s not hard to see why!

When you visit Quadra Island, you simply can’t skip Rebecca Spit Provincial Park.

It’s easily the most visited spot on Quadra Island. With stunning views, calm waters, easy access, and plenty of room to explore and relax, it’s not hard to see why.

Located on the east side of Quadra Island, Rebecca Spit offers perfect views of nearby Read and Cortes Islands.

With 2 km of beachfront, you can easily spend all day here. Watch kayakers paddle by. Search for the perfect shell. Skip rocks. Build a driftwood fort. Throw the ball around. Or walk the over 2 km of forested trails surrounding the spit.

Kayaking is a must-do activity on your visit to Quadra Island! In fact, this area is world renowned for ocean kayaking. Right across from Rebecca Spit you can rent your own kayak and paddle around in the protected area or better yet go on a longer Quadra Island kayaking tour like we did.

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Photo: Vancouver Island Beaches

The water is quite calm here too and a bit warmer on the island side of the spit. So this is where most people come for a refreshing swim on a warm summer day.

There’s no running water here, so make sure you bring plenty of it yourself and be prepared to use an outhouse. Bring plenty of food for your beachfront picnic. But if you find yourself in need, there is a small grocery store just around the corner in Heriot Bay.

The hardest part of coming here is leaving. So bring a good book and a bucket for all the treasures your kids will collect.

Keep in mind if you are looking for a Quadra Island sandy beach, this isn’t it. Open Bay beach is where you need to go to get some sand between your toes. While Open Bay beach is off the beaten path it’s completely worth the adventure.

Directions to Rebecca Spit: Drive south from Heriot Bay on Heriot Bay Rd and follow the signs to Rebecca Spit Provincial Park. Or basically ask anyone on the island because they all know where it is.

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