Come Visit Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island

One of the last remaining boardwalk villages in Canada,Telegraph Cove is a must visit. See why Telegraph Cove is world renowned for eco-tourism.

Sometimes you visit a place so incredibly beautiful and rich in history, it’s hard to take it all in. Telegraph Cove is such a place.

With its brightly coloured houses, old boardwalk walkways, and quiet harbour, this gorgeous town tells a story with each step.

Like many towns on the northern region of Vancouver Island, it began as a fishing village. But this one got its start from Japanese fishermen who sent their catch back home to family. They built their very own saltary to process the fish before shipping it off to Japan.

But when World War II broke out in the Pacific Ocean, this town was quickly taken over by the military as a communication outpost to warn the South Island and Mainland BC of any incoming threat by sea.

Renamed Telegraph Cove, the north island was connected to the south by miles and miles of new telegraph wires.

When the war ended, the town began to change.

It never returned back to a Japanese fishing village, but instead slowly morphed into what it is now…an eco-tour hub resort, rich in history, refurbished original buildings, and so, so many stories.

There is plenty to do here at Telegraph Cove Resort, but you may have a hard time squeezing it all in.

That’s why we recommend a 2-3 day visit at minimum depending on how many Vancouver Island eco-tour activities you would like to do.

Stubbs Island Whale Watching takes journeying for the mammoth underwater mammals to a whole new level.  On a three hour tour of the surrounding waters, you’ll not only see Orcas and/or humpbacks, you’ll see bald eagles, harbour seals, stellar sea lions (in late summer months), and possibly even porpoises and dolphins.

It’s truly an amazing trip.

And with two naturalists on board the vessel, you’ll come away learning about the health and life on the ocean.

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And whether you enjoy a whale watching tour or not, the Whale Interpretive Centre is full of interesting facts about sea life.

If nothing else, you have to see how huge these whales actually are and walk under the skeleton of a fin whale!

It’s a great perspective changer.

Tours to mainland British Columbia to see grizzly bears also start here in Telegraph Cove.

Grizzlies don’t live on Vancouver Island, but with the mainland just a short boat ride away, Tide Rip Bear Tours excels in trips to safely showcase these bears.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime, truly Canadian west coast experience.

Bear Watching Vancouver Island, Grizzly Bears Vancouver Island
Photo Credit: Tide Rip Grizzly Adventures

And here, in Telegraph Cove, you’ll find some of the world’s very best ocean kayaking and fishing. Come for a few hours or several days on the ocean and you are guaranteed memories to last a lifetime.

It’s a small town with a myriad of oceanside houses to choose from. Staying in one of the historic homes will help you settle into a slower pace. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the area as you relax and enjoy this little piece of history.

West coast dining is also a highlight of Telegraph Cove.

The Killer Whale Cafe and Restaurant has delicious food with a west coast ocean village ambiance included. Situated near the end of the dock in the old, restored saltary, it’s more of a restaurant than a cafe.

With a full lunch and dinner menu, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. The only problem will be deciding what to eat because everything is delicious. When the sun’s out or the clouds aren’t raining, pop out on the patio and enjoy eating outside.

The kids will love looking for crabs and fish under the dock! But rest assured, whether you choose indoors or outside, your food will taste great.

And if you dine here for dinner during the summer, the fresh bbq smoked salmon is absolutely unbeatable. You simply can’t be in Telegraph Cove at dinner time without trying some.

Telegraph Cove, Killer Whale Cafe, Killer Whale Restaurant, North Island
Taso, the Telegraph Cove Resort General Manager and Head chef cooking up Telegraph Cove’s famous smoked bbq salmon.

With two more coffee shops and a small outdoor cafe, there’s no need to be hungry in Telegraph Cove. And knowing it rains a lot on this part of the island, there are many outdoor covered areas to enjoy whatever you happen to be munching or sipping on.

Keep in mind the best months to visit Telegraph Cove if you’re looking for sun and warmth is May – September.

So come, step back in time, and enjoy your own trip to Telegraph Cove Resort. Rain or shine, there’s always something wonderful to experience here.

Telegraph Cove is a must visit on any Vancouver Island vacation that includes the North Island.