5 FREE Activities For Your Quadra Island Vacation

After a week on our Quadra Island vacation, we found five favourite spots that are sure to become your favourites spots too! Here’s everything you need to know.

Exploring new islands is part of what makes the Vancouver Island area so spectacular.

Many who travel around the world to visit Canada’s very own island paradise don’t know about the Gulf Islands and Discovery Islands. I know time is limited, but you may want to consider adding just a few more days to take in these idyllic coastal islands between mainland Canada and Vancouver Island.

If you like getting off the beaten path and away from the crowds then the Gulf Islands and Discovery Islands will be the perfect place for you to explore.

And part of the exploring fun is finding activities that cost nothing but offer a lifetime of memories.

After a week on our Quadra Island vacation, we found five favourite spots that are as diverse as everyone in your family. Each one offers a different perspective of this beautiful island.

Cool Off At Main Lake Provincial Park

Photo: Quadra Island Tourism/ Boomer Jerritt (Main lake at Village Bay Lakes on Quadra Island)

Fresh water awaits at this provincial park. Village Bay Lake offers jump off rocks while Main Lake is mostly just swimming. If you’re looking for a nice quiet area on your Quadra Island vacation, this is where you’ll find it. In fact, this is where all the locals go during the summer to unwind. There are many hidden trails (no signs here). So take your time and if you notice a few cars pulled off the side of the road, stop and look for the trail. You will likely find a private-ish place to enjoy the serene lake.

Just follow Hyacinth Bay Rd north and a few minutes after the pavement turns to gravel, you’ll find Village Bay Lake followed by Main Lake. There are no signs letting you know you have arrived, but after driving along the gravel road, you can’t miss the parking lots. Park at either lake and enjoy this serene fresh water.

Surge Narrows Turns The Ocean Into A Raging River

Surge Narrows, Quadra Island, Quadra, Quadra Island Hikes

As the tidal waters change throughout the day, the water rushes through the narrow channel creating river-like rapids. It’s a pretty unique sight, so bring water and a snack and watch as the ocean changes right before your eyes. The rugged trail mostly follows the coastline and you’re sure to enjoy walking through the lush fern-covered hillsides under a canopy of giant trees. The perfect memory for your Quadra Island vacation.

Everything you need to know about Surge Narrows on Quadra Island.

Looking For A Sandy Beach On Your Quadra Island Vacation? Try Open Bay!

Open Bay, Quadra Island, Sandy beach quadra island
Photo: Quadra Island Kayaks – All the details you need to know to go on a Kayak Adventure on your Quadra Island vacation!

Rocky beaches are what you’ll find on Quadra Island. That is, unless you visit Open Bay at low tide. The tide here at Open Bay retreats quite a ways. When it’s out, sand appears. And since it goes out so far, the sun has a chance to warm up the sand and then that sand, in turn, warms the water as the tide comes in. So, not only can you find sand here, you will also want to play in the warm water. It’s a win all the way around. There are no facilities here, so bring plenty of drinking water and food. Walk the marked trail about 10 minutes to the beach once you arrive at the trailhead.

Follow the link to find out everything you need to know about Open Bay.

Relax The Day Away At Rebecca Spit On Your Quadra Island Vacation.

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You want gorgeous Discovery Island views? This is your place. With plenty of beach exploration and fortress-building possibilities, this is the spot most families enjoy on their visits. Located on the east side of the island right next to Heriot Bay, Rebecca Spit just might be the most popular beach on Quadra. But don’t worry about not having enough space. The spit is long and easily accessible on both sides so there is plenty of room for everyone. Bring enough food and water for the day as you won’t want to leave this place.

Follow the link to find out everything you need to know about Rebecca Spit.

Cape Mudge Lighthouse

Quadra Island lighthouse, Cape Mudge, Quadra Island vacation
Photo Credit: Quadra Island Tourism and Philip Stone

Everyone loves a lighthouse picture, right? This one is over 100 years old and it’s happily situated directly across the channel from Campbell River. Situated at the South End of Quadra Island, this lighthouse has saved many ships from the surprisingly deadly waters of the Discovery Channel separating Quadra from Vancouver Island. The lighthouse is still staffed and offers plenty of space for playing along the beach as well as a close up look at a working lighthouse.

Follow the link and get all the info with directions to Cape Mudge Lighthouse, also known as Quadra Island Lighthouse.

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